Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 79 starring Bhumika Gurung and Abhilash Kumar, 7th December 2014 on Bindass – Written Update


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 79, Abhilash Kumar, 7th December 2014 Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 79 7th December 2014 - Ashish and Kelly's story

Rithvik Dhanjani (the host) starts the show and welcomes all and speaks that our profession shows our identity. He speaks that people have some bias and prejudice against people who work in some domains. He starts to speak about Kelly who works at a spa as a massager (masseuse) and Ashish is flamoyant and professional dancer and winning was his passion. There are two different personalities and let’s see whether their love story succeed.

The story starts with Ashish engaging in a spontaneous dance routine outside in an open area alongwith his colleagues. He ends the performance and goes to a girl to ask, How was his performance ? Soon, he learns on getting an ankle hurt and his friends takes him for some foot massage. The staff at the spa speaks of having a menu for massages and Ashish’s friends asks whether it is a restaurant and the staff member reminds about having different massage types. Ashish’s friends suggests that their friend needs some love and soon Ashish clears that his friends were only pulling legs and he needs theraupetric massage since his foot got hurt (ankle twist). Kelly comes and starts massaging him and he informs about getting ankle twist. He starts to speak to her and says that he has heard stories about masseuse and asks whether it is true. She is quiet and he thinks she agrees with him. She becomes annoyed and informs him of telling only her close friends about what she thinks. He starts speaking about his professional dance group and also suggests that the dance routines is strenous and tiring. Moreover, they are preparing for a competition. Both started to argue and she thinks her work is more toughter than his dance. She then wants him to do massage and she will prove her point. Ashish tries to massage his friend and couldn’t do well. Ashish asks Kelly to show some dance moves and only then he can accept her argument.


There is another dance routine and Kelly is seen dancing there with much finesse [Lovely song plays] and Ashish comes there and looks at her. Ashish speaks of being impressed with her and she speaks of being a better masseuse and calls his loss. His friend asks whether she has send a message of love. Later, Ashish goes to meet Kelly at her Spa and she thanks him as he brought flowers. After seeing her with Ashish, Kelly’ boss suggests that they come there for work and not to do love and also speaks of Spa’s rules. Ashish informs her boss on bringing the flowers himself and shows support. Kelly apologizes to her boss and goes on to massage Ashish. He learns that she choose the profession of massage since her mom has severe arthritis and got helped by Sumona Di who used to massage her for free. She then informs that each nerve of the body is connected with the leg and any injury can get healed with good massage. He thinks that she knows all parts of the body and she agrees and then presses on his brain nerve. He gets a laugh and then asks her whether she will go on a date with him. She speaks of not mixing personal and professional life and doesn’t go with clients. He then thinks to come all the following days and she thinks he is mad [Mann Mast Magan.. Teri Kasturi Nain Jagaye song plays]. He comes another time to Spa and she does massage and presents her a gift. She speaks of not accepting it but eventually takes it. He continues to come at the spa and offer more gifts. She does good massage and he feels much better. Some time later, Kelly agrees and goes to meet Ashish for a date and both are seen at the cafeteria. Ashish sees his friends there and makes an excuse from her and goes away from the seat. Ashish’s friend asks Kelly where her client has gone and in a mean way asks whether she has started some other work apart from doing just massage. On hearing it, Kelly slaps him and suggests that his mentality is very bad. She asks to other girls why are they just silent and the same thing can happen to them and leaves from there. Ashish comes out and meets her and she says that if he can’t accept her publically then they can finish their bonding and leaves with a goodbye message [Yaariaan.. song plays].

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ashish had the peer pressure that he is in love with a masseuse. Kelly also thought that he is like others and one of them but where there is love there is hope and she kept hope intact.

Ashish goes to meet Kelly at her home and also carried drinks/snacks. She listens to him and both started talking while having some snacks and drinks on the terrace. He speaks of respecting her and also informs about his friends seeing him with her. She suggests that what others think doesn’t affect her and suggests that he also thinks like them. Moreover, massage is like another profession and needs passion and asks them to not degrade it. He agrees with her but unfortunately his friends doesn’t think in the same way and now he doesn’t worry about them. He speaks of only worrying for her and she also wants to trust him since there is something special between them. She blushes on that note and asks whether he has anything to say [Ek Ajnabee Jaisi Pyaas.. Yeh Jo Naya Ehsaas song plays]. He gets some composure and wants to do something. He gets hold of her feets and wants to do massage so to finish the thing which he had earlier wanted to do. Both lies down while facing the sky and looking at stars. She informs him of not sharing her heartfelt things with any boy until now and he also speaks of genuine feeling for someone and that special person is you Kelly and doesn’t wish to loose her. He showers her kisses and they sleep there on the terrace. Next morning, he greets her and leaves.

Ashish is seen with his friends and one of his friends Varun starts speaking of a breaking news which is that Ashish has successfully wooed the girl and also spent a night with her. Ashish’s another friend, a girl thinks him as cheap to have find Kelly. Varun asks him to how many people will he keep quiet and suggests that Kelly goes to people home for money and asks Ashish whether he understood. Ashish is angry on Varun who then informs of showing him about Kelly going to people home. Ashish finds Kelly going to some home and is attended by a man and he remembers Kelly’s words of no dates with clients. [Khud Se Bikhar gaya hain.. Ab to Zindagi lagti Hain.. song plays]. Ashish goes inside that home and starts searching for Kelly and finds her speaking nicely with someone. Later, he comes to her spa and meets Kelly and shows urgency. He starts shouting at her and holds her and says that she goes to homes of people and asks why she has made jokes of his emotions. She thinks he doesn’t trust her and where there is no trust there is no love. He speaks of following her and going to the home where she went and also heard her laughs. She slaps him for all the nonsense he was just speaking. He holds her tightly and wants to know the truth from her while she looks at his eyes. She becomes more annoyed and asks him to find the truth himself. Kelly’s boss comes there and fires her for leaving the client. She asks Ashish whether he is satisifed since she has lost the job.

Ashish comes to the home where Kelly visited earlier and soon learns that there is an old man on wheel chair who is Kelly’s client who get regular massage from her and also visits the spa. The old man also blessed her for taking care of him earlier. The old man’s son informs how he has called Kelly to his home since his father couldn’t come to the spa. Kelly at that time also informed old man and his son to not disclose that she is coming there since it is against the rules of spa. After learning it, Ashish remembers the nice moments with Kelly and also her words of saying goodbye. He comes to the spa and asks for Kelly but gets info that kelly is not seen [Iss Lamhe Ko.. Mere Bebasi song plays]. He laments and becomes much dejected and carries lot of frustration and Kelly’s words revolve in his mind.

Rithvik (the host) speaks that Ashish finally realized that Kelly was right and he was having regrets but its too late. Now, he cannot clear the misunderstanding and was removing his frustration on dance. Kelly was heartbroken and was trying to overcome it and to lead life.

Kelly goes for an interview at the spa and also makes it clear of not wanting to speak with her client and her new boss agrees. She starts to work there. Later, Kelly is seen visiting the same old man and giving him massage. She finds on the TV about Ashish’s dance with his partner for a competition. He passes to next round and gets praised. He dedicates his dance to a special person to whom he has hurt a lot and speaks of trust as the fabric because of it he has moved ahead in the competition. He have trusted himself and his partner and got dividend in dance. He says that dance means team work and also suggests that all professions are equal if you are passionate. He further adds that he didn’t deserve to the person whom he has hurt. He calls her as the inspiration and for the next levels he needs her presence. Kelly gets teary eyed to hear his words. Kelly goes to meet Ashish at his training place and reminds about his words that he should take care of his feet as it is important for his career. She speaks of not trusting him and he doesn’t react and she thinks he has forgotten her as a bad dream. He then replies that whatever he said yesterday was from his heart and then says sorry to her. She says that sorry is not enough and then confesses her love to him with I love you message. He gets much excited and says I love you Kelly and both hug each other after getting reunited again in their love. The story ends on that happy note.

Rithvik speaks that no work is small or big; or right or wrong but maybe the method might be right or wrong. He says that its time we should remove the bias and prejudice which is prevalent in our society and treat every person with equal respect which he/she deserves.

Additional Note:  8th Decemeber 2014
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given a reasonable performance to an emotional love story with social message. Congrats to Actors, the team and Bindass TV.

Info on Cast:
* Ashish is portrayed by actor and model Abhilash Kumar
– Abhilash is currently portraying Trisha’s cousin in Life OK’s Laut Aao Trisha.
– He has also worked in Television commercials.
– Abhilash’s Twitter page.

* Kelly is portrayed by actress Bhumika Gurung
– She has worked in Channel V’s Gumrah and MTV’s Webbed episodes

Image credit: Twitter page of Abhilash

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