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KumKum Bhagya:

Abhi gives the marriage invitation card of Pragya and Suresh to Sarla and makes her angry. Sarla slaps Abhi, by being fed up of his stupid acts. She asks by what right he has fixed Pragya’s marriage with Suresh, she is Pragya’s mum and she is still alive. Abhi does not know Pragya loves him, and he still thinks Pragya loves Suresh knowing about their past and spotting them together always. Abhi meets Suresh and asks him to marry Pragya, and tries hard to convince him. Suresh is puzzled, and knows Abhi is very foolish not to get the misunderstanding cleared and making hell bent to settle Pragya with him. Abhi is concerned about Pragya’s image after MMS scandal and wants her to marry Suresh.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

The Mehndi Rasam is next in the show. Everyone dance along to enlighten the function. Akshara and Naitik’s romance pauses the whole world, and they romance until the time resumes its tick tick. Naman and Karishma’s Mehndi function gets entertaining by Akshara and Naitik’s dream sequence, while they dance infront of everyone – paused. The couple makes heart in red color. The function gets more entertaining, when Naman gets Chitti instead of Karishma. Chitti dances with Naman which is an embarrassing moment for him. The family has a gala time. Chitti’s dance is hilarious to watch. The flight tickets for Goa get cancelled, by some airlines error, and the wedding planner asks them to take any earlier flight in last minute. They get tensed to prepare for the marriage. Naman and Karishma’s marriage will bring more twists.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

Ishani gets beautifully dressed and puts the sindoor in her hairline, and this time with love and accepting Ranvir as her husband. She stares Ranvir and decides to tell him her feelings at the earliest. Ranvir is mesmerized by her beauty, as she enters the party in a red saree and looks stunning. Ishani is very happy and the couple talk via eyes. Ranvir throws a grand party to impress a client. Ishani eyes him and wants to confess her love, and she waits for the right moment to admit her love. Ishani is sure that Ranvir is not responsible for Harshad’s death, and she wishes to find out the complete matter, and Chirag’s truth. She believes Ranvir and knows his loyalty was always for her dad. Ranvir is shot by someone in the party. While Ishani has seen someone aiming at gun, and ran to save him, but before she could reach him, Ranvir gets shot and falls infront of her eyes. Ranvir gets wounded and Ishani will take care of him being a dutiful wife.


Its Veera’s Sangeet and Mehdi function. Ranvi brings Veera downstairs and is emotional. Baldev and Veera have an eyelock and their happy time has started. The twist in the function comes as Rajveer enters playing the Dhol and showing his good side to everyone. Veera is happy to see Rajveer accepting the situation so well, but Baldev starts suspecting Rajveer. Rajveer tells Ranvi that he is very happy for Veera and Baldev and gives best wishes to the couple. Rajveer hides his intentions to harm Baldev and get Veera with him. Will Rajveer will stop Veera and Baldev’s marriage?

Qubool Hai:

Tanveer makes both the Sanam meet and make them shake hands being competing for the same man. Tanveer taunts Sanam for not able to reach for her marriage. Sanam is shattered seeing Aahil’s wife Sanam. She is fed up by Tanveer’s evil plots.

Piya Basanti Re:

Everything at home gets fine and Piya has become the best bahu in Shah family. Its Kabir and Piya’s romance after a long time. Kabir and Piya’s suhaagraat will mark the end of the show. Kabir and Piya has romantically united, and they will be starting a new phase of life.


Sahir realizes the need to stay away from Aarzoo and ignores her. He tries limiting his mind from thinking about Aarzoo and breaks a glass by his hand. Aarzoo goes to Sahir to give him a card. She sees he is hurt by the glass, and asks why did he do this. Sahir is broken in Aarzoo’s love. Aarzoo runs to him and cares for his hand. He pushes Aarzoo on the floor and keeps her away from him. He then gets worried seeing her hurt. Aarzoo does not understand the reason of his pain. She does not feel he is rude and she feels he has some pain in his heart, which she should find out. Will Aarzoo find out Sahir’s past? Will Zaki realize Sahir and Aarzoo’s blossoming love?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj and Suhani go for having chaat along with Soumya. Suhani and Soumya have a great time like before their marriages. Suhani notices Yuvraaj holding Soumya’s hand and gets irked, thinking about Lata and Pratima’s words to take her rights over Yuvraaj as his wife.

Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon Ek Baar Phir:

Astha’s food truck license unavailability has got big trouble for Astha and Shlok. The food truck is seized and Shlok worries thinking to give up, but Astha’s determination and never to lose spirit makes her hatch a plan to get the food truck back. She talks to Shlok ad Chowksi about her plan, which they feel is risky and can get more trouble for them. Astha is sure that her plan will work, and accomplishes it to get the food truck back. The happy couple work with more fortitude and make the business click. The days passes, and Shlok and Astha are shown to earn good amount to call Anjali for staying with them in Mumbai. Will Shlok return to Niranjan and ruin Varad’s plans?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Ishita comes to know about Shagun filing custody case for Ruhi again, and gets tensed by the fear of losing her daughter. Raman pacifies Ishita and promises her that he will not let his family break, and will never let Ishita get apart from Ruhi. Ishita breaks down and cries. She says whatever happens every time, Ruhi goes far from her. Raman explains her that Ruhi will not go anywhere, as she is his daughter too. He promises her that they will not lose Ruhi. Ruhi’s custody case re-opens and Ishita is fearing to lose her to Shagun. The court feels Ishita is not good for Ruhi, after Shagun filed the custody case again, stating about Mihika’s matter, and Iyer’s wrong upbringing. Shagun states Ishita not being a good mother to Ruhi, and Ruhi’s upbringing will not be good as they have expected before. Raman supports Ishita in this fight for Ruhi. Raman hugs her and is keen to fail Shagun’s plan again. Will Ruhi get away from Ishita?

Doli Armanon Ki:

Radha has become a perfect bahu and serves Samrat and his mum. Samrat has taken rounds with her around the candle and she assumes him as her husband by her heart and soul. Samrat fools Radha saying its their marriage, and Radha touches his feet and acts like his legally wedded wife. Samrat finds her behavior weird and wants to ignore her. He refuses to that marriage infront of everyone, and asks Radha not to act sweet. The twist of the candle light wedding will unfold soon. Samrat’s mum and Bhabhi ask Radha to behave normal as before. Is this Radha’s imagination or happening for real? Urmi is planning to get a solid proof to fail Samrat in the court case.


Ramesh informs Abhiyankar that Arjun may not turn up for the Everest Expedition, and he will be cancelling it if there is no Arjun. Arjun reaches the airport in the nick of the time, and relieves Ramesh. Ramesh tells Arjun that he will safeguard his past info from everyone, and that’s necessary for his mission’s success too. Someone at the airport staff recognizes Arjun as orphanage guy, and Arjun refuses to know that guy. Arjun gets tensed as his past is getting out of the bag. Kamat has influenced Arjun to be positive and always remember that his success is earned by him by his hard work and no name and no past should affect his aim in life. There is more to reveal about Arjun and his guilt haunting him. Will Arjun be able to get over his past and guilt?

Shastri Sisters:

Rajat is angered on Anu and believes Minty that Anu has taken revenge on him and leaked the confidential CD. Karishma meets Rajat and as planned, she fills his ears against Anu and provokes him to marry her. Her dad frees Rajat from the jail and helps him in clearing his name. Rajat agrees to marry Karishma to show Anushka. On the other hand, Devyaani and Anu can’t take the blame on Anu for cheating Rajat, and Anu finds out about Karishma putting the CD in her cupboard, as the sisters find out about the utensil seller tattoo on Karishma’s hand and her visit to steal the CD in Anushka’s getup, as recorded in video message sent from Neil to Devyaani. Anu determines to get married to Rajat and exposes Karishma right on the marriage day. Karishma spills her anger out and admits that she did this to marry Rajat and everyone see her obsession for Rajat. Rajat apologizes to Anu and proposes her, which Shastri ji opposes because of Minty’s hatred for Anu. Anu accepts Rajat’s proposal and soon the wedding bells will ring for the couple, making the Shastri Sisters get a new enemy Karishma, which will ruin Alka and Anu’s lives.



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