Love and Fate Mix-up: Sahir’s past and Zaki’s present to affect Aarzoo's future in HumSafars


humsafars sahir zaki aarzoo

Sahir talks about his progressive plans in the conference and Aarzoo stays busy on her mobile. Sahir gets angry and takes her mobile. Zaki messages Aarzoo and diverts her mind, and Sahir does not know about Zaki falling for Aarzoo. Zaki has been mentioning Aarzoo’s name to Alvira about his newly found true love and before he could tell her, interruption starts and he fails to tell her. Alvira likes Aarzoo, as Zeenat has made Sahir so pessimistic. Zeenat stated Sahir that he can never be successful and challenged him to become rich. Sahir recalls her words again and again, and takes it as in inspiration.

Sahir was a poet before and got badly humiliated by his wife Zeenat. Sahir has lost his happy soul and wants to run in the business league and show off his 100 crores empire to Zeenat before she comes out of her seven year long coma. Sahir is affected by Aarzoo’s goodness and bowled over by her smart mind as she got the deal back from the client Mr Mehta. Sahir is reciprocating support towards Aarzoo, and falling in love for her. Anam realizes Sahir and Aarzoo have gone ahead and they have to wait for right time.

Later on, Sahir realizes the need to stay away from Aarzoo and ignores her. He tries limiting his mind from thinking about Aarzoo and breaks a glass by his hand. Aarzoo goes to Sahir to give him a card. She sees he is hurt by the glass, and asks why did he do this. Sahir is broken in Aarzoo’s love. Aarzoo runs to him and cares for his hand. He pushes Aarzoo on the floor and keeps her away from him. He then gets worried seeing her hurt. Aarzoo does not understand the reason of his pain. She does not feel he is rude and she feels he has some pain in his heart, which she should find out. Will Aarzoo find out Sahir’s past? Will Zaki realize Sahir and Aarzoo’s blossoming love? Keep reading.


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