Baldev and Veera's marriage comes to halt by Nihaal's death in Veera



Ranvi comes to know about Gunjan’s bad habits, card playing, taking loans and selling jewelry. He gets angry on her, and Gunjan apologizes to him. She tells him about Rajveer asking for favor from her to convince Veera, and he has intentionally told him her secret. Ranvi is in no mood to forgive her. Gunjan gets tensed and realizes Rajveer is not a right man. Later on, Ranvi makes Ratan wear the red dupatta, and tells Chai ji and Ratan about his decision to get Ratan married to Nihaal. Ranvi has noticed Ratan and Nihaal’s friendship and pure relation. Chai ji is very happy with this decision. Ranvi asks Ratan not to hesitate and make her life complete by accepting Nihaal as her life partner. Baldev and Nihaal have an argument, when Nihaal was trying to explain Baldev some good rules of doing transport business and never to sign on any consignment paper without reading it. Balwant realizes Nihaal has given important knowledge to Baldev to check the consignment details and items, but Baldev was foolish to argue with him. Nihaal is hurt by Baldev’s words, but he still helps him, and fails Rajveer’s plan who keeps illegal items on Baldev’s trucks.

Baldev gets saved when Rajveer checks the truck to send Baldev to jail again and make him fall in Ranvi’s eyes. Baldev gets clean chit because of Nihaal, which makes Rajveer mad on him. Nihaal gets mysteriously killed by someone, that’s Rajveer, and the blame comes on Baldev, as everyone assume his terms with Nihaal was not fine. Will Baldev clear his name from this matter, and what about Ratan’s dreams? Ratan gets shattered by Nihaal’s death. Will Veera and Baldev get married in such bad time? Keep reading.


    • The whole programme will not be worth watching ss the bad guys get awsy eith murder snd there is noond to prove it. At least nihal was getting yo the end of rsjveer snd bringing a new snd happy life for hkmself snd ratan. If he is dead, I will not be wstching veera


  2. If Nihal singh dies then nothing is left in the serial to watch. Now its time to kick rajveer out. Plz keep nihal singh alive, VEERA alive.

  3. Please we want to see nihal singh alive . He should not die. Please keep nihal singh alive . Otherwise we will stop watching this serial

  4. plz dnt kill nihal singh..other wise the serial will be meaning less to be watch..
    plz try to became God plz b a gud Director…

  5. If nihal dies no meaning to coming of nihal after so many years. i request director not to change the story foolishly for rating

  6. Nihal the super hero cannot die! He fought a tiger for god sake, killed by some cheap crook! No way I am stop watching Veera now!!

  7. Veera will lose many of the UK viewers if Nihal is dead. What a dumb thing to do..killing off the best character. This is stupid, bring Nihal back and get rid of Rajvir; he’s the idiot!!

  8. It’s so stupid to see Nihal dies in this series such a good serial. I don’t think it will make any sense, keep Nihal alive

  9. It’s all Ranvi’s fault. Get rid of him his singing is rubbish too.
    Come back Nihalllllĺ! We love youuuu!
    Star Plus ….Make out Nihal is in a coma and then after a few weeks he recovers and reveals the truth! Then pack Ranvi off to some rubbish bollywood film..We won’t care !

  10. Plzzzzzzzzzzzzz alive Nihaal bcoz he is impressive hero and kick off rjveer idiot if its not happens i really stop watching veera bcoz it will be meangless after nihaal

  11. Oh come on star plus , bring Nihal back and not as a ghost as you did a couple of episodes ago. Baldev…..He needs anger management counselling .

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