Raman and Ishita's sure shot ‘I love you’ moment in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ishita asks Raman about the love letter, and he reads the funny hindi poetry. He clears to her that the love letter is not for him, and she assumes she was right, as no one will hit on Raavan Kumar seeing his rudeness which one can sense by a kilometer. But seeing the tension prevailing in Ishita’s life and with Mihika’s chapter not ending and prolonging with sadness, he decides something. Raman is fed up seeing Ishita cry because of Shagun’s torture to her. He feels she is paying the price of being with him, and decides to part ways. He finally comes up with the divorce papers and gives it to Ishita. He determines to leave from her life, while she stops him. She gets very angry seeing the divorce papers and starts beating him infront of everyone, by folding the divorce papers. She starts talking in her Tamil and scolds him to the core in her full raging speech. She says she will not leave him and not let him leave her.

Raman asks is she mad and asks her to just stop it. Ishita says how can you just leave me like this, you won’t get anyone loving and caring like me, and asks does he think all this is easy to end. She finally says she loves him. Raman is stunned by her ‘I love you’ and even he replies ‘I love you too’, followed by a loving and most awaited hug. Raman and Ishita have finally confessed their love for each other, and it’s a moment the YHM fans were waiting since long. Raman cancels his decision to give her divorce, after seeing the Madrasan’s anger. We wish the love confession brings some needed spice in the show and take their romance to soaring heights. Keep reading.


[youtube id=http://youtu.be/BQ-qJN-AuhU]



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