Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 80 starring Varun Sharma, 14th December 2014 on Bindass – Promo Snapshot


Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 80 14th December 2014

The story is about two youngsters Sargam and Akhil. Sargam believes in superstitution and is a Manglik (astrological condition).  She was related to Akhil’s brother who has passed away. Later, Akhil developed feelings with her and informs that their love is much above her superstitious beliefs. However, she doesn’t agree with him and thinks that if such thing happens people could die. Akhil’s mother comes to know about his feelings for Sargam and suggests that if he doesn’t leave her then he could face similar fate like his brother and will die. His brother was a sportsperson and their mother believes that he died since he didn’t respect those beliefs. He requests his mother to come out of such beliefs.

Akhil continued to keep relationship with Sargam and also cares for her. Finally, he defies the societal and astrological conditions and goes to meet Sargam. He proposes and asks whether she is ready to begin a new and vibrant life with him. Sargam seems to agree with Akhil on that note since she saw Akhil’s endearing support through thick and thin times.  How Akhil has developed feelings for Sargam ? Why Sargam thought to reciprocate to Akhil’s feelings for her ? Why Akhil regard love over all other supersitious beliefs and matters of fate, what was his rationale ? Whether Akhil and Sargam would become lovestruck defying societal beliefs ? Stay tuned to Yeh Hai Aashiqui this Sunday @ 7 PM on Bindass.


Info On Cast:
* Akhil is portrayed by Actor and Model Varun Sharma.
– He has worked in Channel V’s Sadda Haq in the role of Sameer Mittal.
– Varun’s Twitter page.

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