Anjali's EVEREST after reaching base camp is Finding own Identity and the path to Self-Discovery against all Odds


Anjali's Everest is to win father's love

Anjali have reached Everest base camp along with her team led by Abhiyankar. They trekked for 10 days from Lukla to reach there. She calls home and learns that her father Jagat wants her to be back home for 2 days since Vidhaan’s parents are coming to fix the marriage date. He knows that she went to Delhi for Maithili’s marriage. Anjali tries to evade him on coming home but in vain. Sarita also tries to convince Jagat about taking some more time for Anjali’s marriage but he calls Anjali an ordinary girl and he finds Vidhaan to be the perfect match for her based on his qualifications. Sarita raises the argument that they haven’t asked Anjali whether she likes Vidhaan or is happy with the marriage and thinks they are forcing her. Earlier, when Anjali came home after N.I.M training, Sarita saw glow on Anjali’s face when she was speaking with Aakash and got a strong feeling that she likes him. Jagat is defiant and wants Anjali to be back home and even Sarita’s idea of having talk between elders without Anjali was not entertained.


Anjali have gone through many changes in the last month or so when she started on the trail of Mission Everest dream to fulfill her father’s incomplete dream. She learnt first how her father never wanter a daughter, how he thinks that she reminds him of his shattered hopes and broken dreams, moreover thinks that his destiny is punishing him. Anjali speaks to Sarita that they have already lied couple of times – first for N.I.M training when they gave an excuse that she will visiting her Aunt for 1 month and for Everest expedition, they gave an excuse of Maithili’s marriage in Delhi. Anjali suggests to Sarita that they couldn’t speak more lies and instead need to say the truth. Anjali at the base camp recollects her father’s thinking, Abhiyankar’s words on her father Jagat not knowing her until now, Maithili’s words, learning at NIM, and the chance to summit Everest. In a defiant attitude, she calls her father and informs him about her EVEREST expedition. In a bold tone, he informs her that summiting Everest is not everyone’s cup of tea. She then gets composure and informs him on coming for Everest expedition to fulfill his incomplete dream but on her path to that dream her thought process have changed and now she is going to summit Everest for her dream and will not come back without fulfilling it. It doesn’t matter what others think and do about it including her father. For Anjali, the decision of summiting Everest has shown her the doors to self-discovery and also to find her own identity.

While, Anjali’s new dream and search for own identity will find heartful acceptance in Sarita, Col. Abhiyankar, Aakash, and others. But what about her father Jagat, Is he going to provide some support or atleast listen to his daughter ? Vidhaan’s parents earlier wanted to wait for their daughter Tina’s arrival from London before deciding the dates. Vidhaan has helped Anjali earlier by arranging a pact with Pandit to make him speak out that their engagement day is not auspicious and his parents then went ahead to postpone/cancel the engagement. How come this fixing of marriage date proposal came into picture now ? Keep Reading

Additional Note:
* Vidhaan is portrayed by actor Armaan
* Maithili is played by actress Naina
* Chand is portrated by actor and model Diganta Hazarika. He is from Assam.
– Diganta’s Twitter page

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Image credit: Twitter page of Star Plus, Shamata Anchan, and Nalini Rathnam (Casting director)


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