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Balika Vadhu:

Chanda cries and tells Anandi that Sharmila and other women left NGO. Anandi asks why? What is the reason? Chanda tells her that Anoop hired them. Anandi gets shocked. Nandu comes to Niranjan’s house to keep back the wallet. Niranjan sees him keeping it and asks. Nandu says you complained to Dadisaa about your missing wallet. He goes without keeping it. Niranjan sees his wallet with Nandu and gets shocked.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

The nurse comes to call the doctor. Ishaani thinks Ranvir was there with papa that night. Chiraag comes to Ishaani, she looks at him like having questions. Ishaani says she asked him something for the first time. She say in her first karwa chauth, she wants the building from him, where her papa’s office was.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Vikrant points a gun at all of them. Simar says my faith won vikrant. Once again God has been justified. Vikrant says in ramayan Ram got Sita but this is my world no one can take you from me your dead body will go out of here.

Shastri Sisters:

Anu asks where to meet. Karishma speaks about the place. Anu says I am coming. Anu tells Devyaani she is going to take Rajat’s innocence proof, and confronts Karishma. She gets kidnapped by her goons.


The inspector arrests Ishwar and says we have kidnap case against you, Chakor’s kidnap case is filed by her parents. Ishwar is shocked. Chakor is taken in big chains, tied up and sent to a dark place and is caged. Bhaiya ji tells Ishwar about law and jungle. He says law can do anything, but jungle has its own rules. He greets him and smiles.


Khanna is not interested in these love affairs but he agrees to make her meet that person who had helped him in getting his sister and her family out of his way. This is why this entire property is under my name now. it is my Guru ma. Guru ma gives some potion to Chameli which she mixes in water. The (red) potion disappears in the water completely after a few seconds. Meethi wakes up at night and takes water from that jug. Meethi takes a sip and then holds the glass mid air in shock.


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