Ajabde misses Pratap dearly and imagines a romantic re-union; Akbar plans to take on Pratap and Mewar directly


Maharana Pratap on Sony TV

Ajabde couldn’t handle her tears when Pratap left Bijolia with Chetak. Even Chetak didn’t wished to go leaving behind Ajabde. Ajabde thanks her Kanha ji and is happy to live with Pratap’s words and knows that he haven’t changed and love is still there. Pratap left without taking Ajabde since he was bounded in his promises he made in Mewar. Her happiness gets stronger when she finds her special toe ring [which was gifted by young Pratap] and learns that Pratap have guarded it safely with him and also with care until he was in Bijolia and gave to Patta before leaving to Mewar. Ajabde is missing Pratap dearly and has the believe he will come back soon to take her. After a while, she reminsces and imagines a romantic reunion with Pratap in a garden and feels re-igniting of love moments. In that imagination sequence, she is running to get hold of Pratap and their affection and bonding is exhibited. Ajabde gets a Kitne Door Kitne Paas feeling when she reminsces Pratap. Earlier, Ajabde has sworn while worshipping at the Tulsi plant that she will love Pratap forever and continues to have the same believe.


Pratap arrives in Mewar and gets a rousing welcome with Udai Singh and Rawat ji showering much praise to him. Pratap killed Badshah Khan by beheading him and took revenge since he abducted Ajabde and also troubled Bijolia people. Now, Bijolia is indepedent again. There is a puja and coronation ceremony to take place in Chittor. Until now, Udai Singh and Rawat ji doesn’t know about Dheer Bai’s actions in hiding Bijolia’s letters of help which kept the king Udai Singh in darkness. Udai Singh is now a changed man and recalls Jaivant Bai and how he followed Raj Dharm after getting inspiration from her and also vowed to become old Udai Singh who is very fond of his son. Dheer Bai at her end wants to see Jagmal being felicitated at the annual coronation ceremony to make him happy since he was showing much displeasure as his mother’s plans to harm Pratap have failed miserably. Udai Singh wishes to see Pratap getting respect and felicitation for his contributions to defend Bijolia and fight with Afghans single-handedly. Will Pratap gets felicitated with Uttarya coronation which will halt Dheer Bai and Jagmal’s ambitions ?  Will Udai Singh clears his doubts on Ajabde and realize her importance in Mewar as Pratap’s wife ? How Dheer Bai’s real face will be out in open to Udai Singh ? Will he make efforts to know about Jaivant Bai ?

Akbar learns about Badshah Khan’s death and also Pratap’s vow to never allow him to rule Mewar. Akbar have shunned the idea of sending mercenaries to attack Pratap and calls it childish and a joke. He speaks to mercenaries sent by Arab ruler, Khan Baba and others that Pratap has the support of God and he is one of a kind and also speaks of Pratap’s daily routine in worshipping his lord Shiv, Eklinji, love for motherland and practising warfare. But more importantly, Pratap’s strength is his people and Akbar plans to force Mewar’s people in agreeing to him. Akbar wants to use cannons to attack Mewar and to see how Pratap’s reacts with such heavy blows. Pratap at his end in Chittor learns from his spies that one army unit from the defeated Afghans are holding in a forest in Bihar and are approached by Mughal Army to join them. That afghan unit have capability in using cannons and thus Mughals are interested in them. But, Pratap wonders on Mughals real motive in taking that army unit and wants to take them in his army. He is also planning to upgrade his weapons to include rifles to match Mughal’s army capabilities. Will he succeed in finding and taking the army unit in his stride ? What would be Akbar’s next steps, Is he going to prepare his army for an attack on Mewar ? Keep Reading


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