Halla Bol 2 4th Episode with Karan Tacker, Malvika's Fight for Equality and Justice, 21st December 2014 on Bindass – Promo Snapshot


Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker

The story is about Malvika Salve and her fightback. Malvika is a young woman happily married to Dev – a corporate guy and has a sister-in law Aashi who likes her [Bhabhi] a lot. Malvika works in the police force as an Inspector and gets taunt by her office colleagues who reminds that she can’t do things which are done by men. She was passionate in working there since it was her dream and those taunts didn’t affect her much. But things started to go in the downward trail when she carried a raid on a well known night club and arrests a man there on the charge of consuming drugs which are not permissible by law. The man threatens her before his arrest that she will need to pay the price. Next day, she learns about her suspension from her senior boss and gets a shocker.

Malvika’s problems increased by many bounds after the suspension and moreover she was suspended for doing the righteous thing and unjust was meted out at her. Some time later, Malvika was going with her sister-in law Aashi in the night and some men kidnaps Aashi and inflicts physical abuse. Malvika’s husband comes to know of the kidnap of his sister and blames Malvika for those unfortunate developments. Sooner then, Malvika in a courageous tone informs her husband that she will make sure justice is served for her self-respect and also for Aashi and also say Halla Bol. Some of the questions are, How Malvika initially adjusted to her office colleagues taunts and later with unjust suspension ? What made Malvika’s husband to blame her outrightly for Aashi’s kidnapping ? How Malvika gave a fitting reply to the culprits and also changed the patriachial thinking at her office ? Whether she got support from her husband in the fightback? Stay tuned to Halla Bol this Sunday @ 6 PM on Bindass.

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