Yeti Mystery hovering around Abhiyankar led Everest Expedition 2014, yet to unravel its Connection with them


Anjali's Everest is to find her own identity

Anjali, Arjun and Aakash’s Everest expedition with Col. Abhiyankar is facing some challenges before the actual kickstart. Foremost, there was an issue with weather expert since their original weather expert Gupta went back as his wife was having a premature baby delivery. As there was no time to bring a new weather man, Abhiyankar and his team get to know of Sam aka Sameer Khurana. Sam is acquainted well with Abhiyankar who was the leader of his incomplete Everest expedition. Sam blames Abhiyankar since he didn’t let him continue in expedition on health grounds. Abhiyankar informs Sam that he is mistaken and actually their ego developed some 15 years ago [possibly related to Tara] and wants him to set aside their differences for Everest sake and cites team efforts as the key. Sam decides to stay and work as the weather man for Abhiyankar’s Everest Expedition 2014. The next in line challenge is Yeti’s footprints and food supplies being stolen. Aakash, Arjun thinks that Yeti – stone animal doesn’t exist but Chand doesn’t overrule it as he heard many stories in his childhood. Even he suggests Yeti can be a girl. Aakash has earlier made fun of lodges and places being named with Yeti initials in Lukla and it continues to follow him. Abhiyankar thinks Yeti as a myth since Edmund Hillary couldn’t find it as well. The mystery with Yeti could be anything. Is there some connection with Yeti and Abhiyankar’s wife Tara who is believed to have died while returning back after Everest summit ? Will Abhiyankar find something very unexpected yet eventful with Yeti’s puzzle ?


Only 2 teams will be expediting the Everest – Abhiyankar and Nasir’s (Danish millionaire with Indian descent) since the roads will be closed soon. Nasir is a flamboyant and have a 5 star tent at the base camp which include a pool table.  Arjun was suggesting that capability is most important asset for a mountaineer to succeed in Everest expedition than fate and cites his experience in saying so. Nasir informs Arjun what experience really means which is about what already happened and not what will come ahead. Arjun speaks of his bad luck when he looses a pool game with Nasir. Aakash reminds Arjun how he doesn’t regard luck which makes him takes back his words. Nasir also gives advice to Aakash to take chances when available and this led to Aakash winning over him in a pool game. Coming to Aakash and Anjali’s blossoming yet unspoken feelings of love. Anjali suggests to Aakash that he underestimates his potential and he replies by giving hints about his feelings for her and the ones which he is afraid to speak. Anjali feels shy on that note but whenever she is with Aakash, a sparkling glow and happiness are always present.Aakash earlier got a green signal from Shikha Maa and also Chand and both of them suggested him to express his feelings to Anjali without any further delay. Will Aakash go ahead to express his feelings to Anjali before starting Everest summit, What would be her reaction ?

Anjali’s parents Jagat and Sarita comes to know of their daughter Everest expedition and sponsorship by watching news on TV. Vidhaan’s father Vikram is proud to see Anjali taking part in Everest expedition but Jagat has the believe that Anjali is doing a foolish thing and have madness and speaks of getting cheated by Anjali and Sarita. As her father is not supportive and happy, Anjali will inform him that her Everest expedition is to find her own identity and self-discovery and not just to fulfill her father’s incomplete dream. How Jagat would react with Anjali’s new outlook in life and Everest dream ?

Additional Note:
* Nasir is portrayed by filmmaker and Actor Aditya Raj Kapoor.
– Son of legendary actor late. Shammi Kapoor.

* Sam Khanna – Weather Expert is portrayed by actor Mohan Kapur
– Actor and theatre personality.
– Twitter page of Mohan

* Edmund Hillary – First mountaineer to summit EVEREST

* About Yeti:
– It is said to inhabit the Himalayan region of Nepal and Tibet and stories of the Yeti first emerged as a facet of Western popular culture in the 19th century. The scientific community generally regards the Yeti as a legend, given the lack of conclusive evidence,
– In the Scooby Doo, Where Are You! episode “That’s Snow Ghost,” the Snow Ghost is a Yeti-like creature.
– Video Games: In the game Tomb Raider II, the Yeti can be encountered on the Catacombs of The Talion level.
– Literature: The Snowman is a Batman villain in DC Comics.
– Yeti like creatures are referred to as Bigfoot, Sasquatch in North America. Read more about Yeti at its Wikipedia page.

* Incidentally, Yeti is also in the initial of an Airlines in Nepal – Yeti Airlines. Tara Air is the subsidiary of Yeti Airlines.

Image credit: Yeti Illustration from Yeti’s Wikipedia page.


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