Private Investigator 3rd Episode, Mohini's Murder Mystery Case, 21st December 2014 on Star Plus – Promo Snap


Private Investigator Episode 3, Star Plus

Raffe a criminology student has successfully solved two cases – murder mystery and Egyptian Scepter Missing Case. Raffe’s mom Anita is bit concerned with her son and asks Vijay an acquaintance to find out more about Raffe’s Private Investigator works. Vijay have started to follow Raffe in his pursuits. Raffe’s friends are Raghu and Sonu and Dhanalakshmi Rajalakshmi aka Lucky marked her presence recently. Lucky is the daughter of Raghu family’s friend. Raffe helps Inspector Tiwari in solving cases with his conscious and attention to detail mind. In this week episode, Raffe goes to attend a party organized by an Actress Mohini along with Sonu. He takes photos with her and have good time. But soon, he finds Mohini dead. Raffe doesn’t get clue on her passing away. Many people asks Raffe about clues and even Inspector Tiwari asks as well but he doesn’t have answer.


Raffe is puzzled and Dhanalakshmi aka Lucky makes a comment asking whether he is a page 3 celebrity. After a while, Raghu asks Raffe about clues who then replies Ka Ka Mala wa… Raffe also meets a girl but she doesn’t want to talk about Mohini’s murder. Vijay meets Raffe and suggests that just by getting results in two cases with chance he cannot become a Private Investigator. He then asks Raffe to apply his own mind since he calls himself as the P.I. and the case belongs to him. Who was behind Mohini’s murder ? How Raffe will unearth the clues to pinpoint the culprit and solve the murder mystery ? Stay tuned to Private Investigator this Sunday @ 8 PM on Star Plus.

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