Ashok and Mihika finally married!! Shagun re-enters Raman's life in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein


Yeh hai mohabbatein

The new twist in the show is Mihika and Ashok’s marriage. While Mihika was always against Ashok, what made her take this decision? Ashok planned to blackmail Mihika and force her to marry him, but Mihika was not a loser to fall prey to him. The twist which was in news since months will be aired next week, as Raman and Ishita’s romance and candle light dinner date shatters by Adi calling Raman to come and help him, as he cries for Shagun, having a major breakdown by Ashok showcasing Mihika as his wife. Raman is super shocked and leaves to see Shagun and Adi at Ashok’s house. Ishita goes along as she does not want any trouble again. Raman and Ishita are shocked to see Mihika as Ashok’s wife, and Shagun distraught to lose her life’s most precious gem Ashok. He is actually the super coal of YHM. LOL!!

Shagun angers on Ishita and Mihika yet another time, and Ashok supports Mihika and tries being sweet. Ishita is shell shocked by Mihika’s self harming step to marry Ashok, while Raman is tensed thinking how will Mihir react to this. The new twist will surely take YHM again on top, and this is the next big thing after Raman and Ishita’s love confession and airport drama. Did Mihika take this step to free Mihir from losing respect in society? Where will her sacrifice take her? Will Mihir forgive Mihika for this?

Shagun takes Adi as bait to land in Raman’s house, as she is totally homeless and traumatized by Ashok’s move. Shagun hugs Ishita and thinks she will make Ishita’s life hell now. With Shagun’s evil intentions, how will our hero save the heroine from the vamp? Raman and Ishita’s love just started to take flight and Shagun got it down by her re-entry in Bhalla house with Adi, as their son is still their connecting link. How will Ishita manage this crisis? OMG, Raman would have gone to Singapore, to get rid of Shagun’s torture. He is yet again stuck in two boats, and hopelessly….. Mrs. Bhalla will be again shouting Hayo Rabba, Ab Mere Puttar Ka Kya Hoga…. Same drama starts again, and Ishita and Raman’s romance to stay still in wraps, with makers putting it in oven and reheating time to time….to get viewers’ interest back…..Still ”YHM Ki Jai”!! Keep reading.


    • u r just making a wrong pair . where there is love there is fight, pain, feel what is love it will just make u go crazy…………………LOL

  1. That will a bad move for the drama. Mihika is a trouble maker and big headed. Always causing problems in her sister life . The person we ho does not have self respect , how can she know to respect others.

  2. what people whant is some romance b/w ishra & u guys r taking it to another level. we want that mihir & mihika to be together and shagun should marry ashok to teach him a lesson. adi should live with ishita………………………………

  3. This show is simply disgusting.. I have stopped watching. yuck! it was so beautiful till the mani track.. after that every twist they introduce is just YUCK!

    • YES it is right,
      this will be disgusting,They must concentrate on ishu-raman’s love story with twist n tales.Ishita rus t show, rest r useless.

  4. They are dragging this on now. We all want to see raman say I love you to ishita but with shagun around, that will never happen. Raman loves ishita not shagun. Hope shagun gets out of ishits and ramans life

  5. The track is boring now…Upcoming episodes for the show that counsellor has asked for both the parents for treatment..Its disgusting…….Shagun entering raman life…….Stopped watching..Just want to see Ishra

  6. hi i want to say Raman is the hottest superstar in the history of bollywood movies i love him to bits i wish to see him pliz reply if u read this dedicated to RAMMA


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