Suhani keeps Soumya away from Yuvraaj in Suhani Si Ek Ladki


suhani si ek ladki

Suhani asks Soumya to leave the house and Dadi acts alert. She stops Soumya and supports her. Suhani calls Krishna’s parents to take away Soumya, but Soumya refuses to go with them. Suhani is acting weird by stopping being friendly to Soumya, and wants her to leave from Birla House. While everyone is thinking why is Suhani doing this, the twist in the tale comes as Yuvraaj is the reason for this. Suhani cracks a deal with Krishna, that she will send Soumya back to him, as he is really regretting and wants another chance to revive his marriage and love. Suhani sees truth in his eyes and agrees, but was failing to help Krishna.

Krishna asks Suhani to send Soumya by any way, else he will tell everyone about Yuvraaj being behind Soumya’s accident, which can send him behind bars. Well, Suhani has taken the blame before to save Yuvraaj, and this time she still wants to safeguard Yuvraaj. Suhani begs to Krishna not to tell this truth to anyone and assures him that she will make Soumya keep up her marriage. Soumya is in no mood to go back to Krishna, after lavish comforts in Birla house and has been sticking to Yuvraaj all the time. Did Suhani come to know about Yuvraaj and Soumya’s past love? Will Yuvraaj come to know about Suhani’s strong feelings? Suhani gives a kiss to Yuvraaj, shocking him and making Soumya really jealous. Dadi asks Suhani to leave the house, if she has objection with Soumya staying with them. Will Soumya make the most of this golden opportunity? Keep reading.


  1. bloody b***h soumya wt a frnd how cheap she wanna woo her frnd’s husband bull shit but i’m so glad that finally suhani is making her place in yuvraaj’s heart

  2. I just hope Suhani is shown as a confident and strong personality and not a doormat giving in to all injustice , hope she is shown as a winner and not a looser in the show ….

  3. hey soumya u r such a bitc. I just hate u but still i watch the show bcoz i love yuvraj & suhani. And i just want that they soon get together & u will be out of house & their life and i even want that no one will accept u after that , not ur mother, not ur husband no one. Hate u soumya.

  4. this is a lovely programme about friendship how a friend betray another friend. There is also a saying a enemy of another woman is a woman. Think before you do something wrong or hurt somebody. Life is only one. I hope Suhani is lifted up in this serial. There is a saying the good always wins over the evil.

  5. I love dis play,nw suhani must b courageous as a woman and try hard 2 win her love.and 4 d old cargo who never respect herself nd al she want is 2 destroy her grandson marriage nd neve ashame of herself.nw bck 2 miss lover who is neve ashame of herself,thinkin of destroying her best friend marriage wat a shame 2 woman hood.and d other 2 daughter in-law,dey are neve serious nd dey are so stupid dey neve face their own marriage bt anoda person relationship.suhani try and face dem.


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