Private Investigator 4th Episode, Double Murder Mystery Case, 28th December 2014 on Star Plus – Promo Snap


Private Investigator Episode 4, Star Plus

Raffe is investigating a double-murder case. The first girl is murdered and her body is found in a swimming pool. The second girl Pooja is alleged to commit suicide. Pooja was a student of Mumbai Institute of Social Sciences where Raffe’s mom is a professor. Raffe stands to find clues for both murders. He comes to learn that the first girl was murdered outside and then thrown in the pool since chlorine traces were not found in her lungs according to autopsy report. Raffe unearths more details connected to Pooja’s death – Pooja might have been abused by her boyfriend; exam paper leak racket, unscrupulous men and tries to connect the dots. Later, Raffe speaks to Inspector Tiwari that though enough evidence is found regarding the case but he is unable to find the logic.

For Pooja’s case, Raffe takes indirect help from his mother by using her phone. Raffe’s mom Anita works at the Social Sciences Institute and informs him that she likes mystery only in books. He is also advised by Vijay that he is making his mother’s life complicated with his work. What will be Raffe’s take on Vijay’s advice ? Will Raffe get help from his mother in cracking the double-murder case ? How Raffe will pinpoint the culprit and help Tiwari in another murder mystery ? Stay tuned to Private Investigator this Sunday @ 8 PM.


Image credit: Twitter page of Mrinal Dutt (Raffe)

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