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Maharana Pratap:


Ajabde sees Pratap everywhere, as she is in love with him and senses him around all the time. She visualizes him and smiles. She goes to attend Chakrapani’s marriage, and imagines Pratap and her taking marriage vows. She sees him all the time round the clock. She gives her hand to him, and he says he will not leave her hand this time. She smiles imagining her Gauna as she wishes to go to Pratap. Finally, she will be going soon to Mewar. She is impressed by Pratap by the way he saved Bijolia, and she is living in her love dreams.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

The Christmas Celebrations are next in the show. The kids have Christmas craze and wait for Santa. Naitik sees Naksh being depressed as Santa does not turn up. Naitik gets dressed as Santa and makes Naksh happy. The kids get very happy thinking real Santa has come to please them. Naitik gives them goodies. The show celebrates all festivals with grace and everyone look good singing Jingle bells…..

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:

Yuvraaj has started supporting Suhani and showing Soumya her right place. While Soumya gets angry on Suhani, Yuvraaj finds out the truth about the accident, and admits infront of everyone that Suhani has just saving him from going to jail. Yuvraaj is indebted to Suhani’s goodness and sacrifices she makes for him and his family. He counters himself thinking what did he do for Suhani till now, and realizes she deserves his love. He stops feeling for Soumya, and shows his genuine care for Suhani, which make Soumya furious. She tells Dadi that she loves Yuvraaj, but he is not even seeing her now and is always after Suhani. Dadi promises her that she will find some way to make Suhani leave his life. Pratima suggests to end the tension at home and suggests for Christmas celebrations. Yuvraaj and Suhani happily do all the arrangements, and come closer too. Soumya gets jealous feeling sidelined and goes crazy thinking Suhani is taking her place in Yuvraaj’s life. The Christmas function will bring in more twists, so keep watching the show for Yuvraaj and Suhani’s newly found romance.


Akash and Meethi are blessed with love, and these are the last few moments between them, as the show is going to end soon. Akash and Meethi’s romance will be missed a lot. The couple united after many difficulties. Meethi is troubled by the ghost in her body, and Akash cares for her. Damini prays to Lord to get Meethi free of the ghost. Meethi will be getting freed of the ghost soon and the lovers will unite taking the show to its happy end.

Saath Nibhana Saathiya:

Paridhi’s ex BF Vivaan has come back in her life and troubles her. While she asks him to leave from Modi house, he is adamant. He has entered the house as Ahem’s client, and it will be Ahem who makes Pari free from this trouble. Vivaan pastes all their pics in her room. She is shocked seeing it, and removes all the pics. He says I love you Pari. He shouts and she shuts his mouth, as Jigar will hear it, and everyone will know about them at home. He says Jigar does not value or love you, and no one in the family likes you. I have left everything for you, and came here. Vivaan knows Pari is Jigar’s wife now. He is mad in her love and does not accept she is married. Pari has finally got someone who madly loves her, but she does not love him now. She says she will never love him and warns him not to enter her room again. Vivaan forces her to come with him, and he will keep her happy. He fails to convince her. Paridhi kicks Vivaan out of her room, and burns all the pics. But, Vivaan will not leave her so easily.

Doli Armanon Ki:

Radha has come in the court to give her statement against Samrat. His sin pot is full, and his family has come to get him punished. His Bhabhi and Radha come to support Urmi. Samrat asks Ishaan whats going on, and asks him to send Radha back. Ishaan says he got them to bring out the truth. Samrat did not know Radha is planning against him and will come in court to give statement against him. Radha faints in the court and everyone gets shocked. Urmi was surprised by seeing Bhabhi support her. Urmi had no hope that anyone from her inlaws will help her. Radha gives her statement against Samrat, as he married her and fooled her. Samrat loses the case and Shaurya’s custody goes to Urmi. Samrat gets more troubled when the truth comes out that he has given Rs 50 lakhs to the lawyer to bribe the judge.He gets fooled by the lawyer, as the lawyer keeps all the money. Samrat does not know he is fighting against a strong woman. Samrat gets a good lesson. Urmi fights for justice and every women supports her.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Amma returns from Chennai and is shocked seeing Shagun residing in Bhalla house. Shagun has acted smart. She uses Adi to gain everyone’s sympathy and talks about moving out with Adi. She knows Adi is everyone’s weakness in Bhalla house, and shows her self esteem that she won’t stay at Ishita and Raman’s pity. Seeing Mrs. Bhalla’s love for Adi, and Raman’s concern, Ishita stops Adi saying this house belongs to him. She asks Shagun to stay back. Shagun makes sure that Ishita insists. Simmi gets angry as she is sure Shagun will break their family. Simmi asks Ishita to let Shagun leave, but Ishita states that Adi has faced much troubles in his childhood, and he deserves family and happy home. Shagun gets permanent in the Bhalla house and decides to make Ishita leave Raman, so that she takes her place back in his life.

KumKum Bhagya:

Aaliya has lost as Abhi does not want her see her face again. She can’t bear to see Purab and Bulbul uniting. Aaliya can’t accept she failed, and she cuts her nerve. Abhi has lost his trust on Aaliya, and their relation ended. Aaliya attempts suicide. She thinks she will die and put an end to Abhi’s hatred for her. Abhi is uniting Purab and Bulbul, and reaches Sarla’s house. He says Bulbul and Purab’s love is true and he is doing the right thing now. Bulbul has faced many difficulties, and she deserves happiness. Abhi and Pragya’s relation also got well. Pragya loves and respects Abhi even more.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Nisha is all smiling and admits about her love. She tells her cousins that she loves Viraj. They all get really happy for Nisha and give her a standing ovation. She has made her love confession infront of them, that she loves Viraj from the bottom of her heart. She praises Viraj and tells them everything why she fell in love with him. They did not have any such expectations from Nisha, but they feel Viraj is the right man for Nisha, and hug her.

Sasural Simar Ka:

Simar is hiding something from her family. A new drama has started in the show. A new male entry in the show claims that Simar came to meet him in night hours. Simar gets worried and feels something is wrong with her. She thinks why will she meet him at bus stop at night, its impossible. The guy claims he is not lying. Simar has new mystery task to unfold.

Balika Vadhu:

Anandi and Shiv are really happy as they are soon becoming parents. The doctor confirms that Anandi is pregnant. The doctor asks Anandi to take good care and also suggests some exercises. Anandi was not able to conceive before, and now hearing this news, the family gets happy. Daddu blesses them. Anandi will be having twin kids in the show.



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