Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 83 starring Tia Kar and Zaan Khan, 4th January 2015 on Bindass TV – Promo Snap


Yeh Hai Aashiqui, Zaan Khan, 4th January 2015 Episode 83 Yeh Hai Aashiqui Episode 83 4th January 2015

The story is about two youngsters Megha and a boy. Megha works as a Radio Jockey with a music station and keeps an Alias – Vrushti when she interacts with her listeners. She has an ardent fan in a young boy who likes her voice a lot. Megha is happy with her work but keeps low profile in meeting people. The young boy contacts her radio station and wants to meet Vrushti – the voice behind the radio program. She goes to meet him as Megha an employee of the radio station on behalf of . During their meeting, he shares his admiration for Vrushti and also asks why she didn’t came. Megha comments that Vrushti doesn’t like to meet people and doesn’t go out much. The meeting goes on fine and Megha learns that the boy is much interested in Vrushti.


Later, Megha is advised by her friend that actually the boy loves her. She corrects her friend by saying he only loves her voice and not the person. However, Megha seems to have developed some feelings for him. The young boy’s misunderstanding on the identity of Megha/Vrushti gets cleared somehow after some time and he goes to meet Megha again and asks why she hide about her name/alias with him and becomes annoyed. She gets teary eyed and wants to give a reply from her heart. What made Megha to meet her ardent fan who is very fond of her voice ? What she learnt after the first meeting with him ? Why she tried to hide about her identity in first place ? Whether she felt on not getting the same admiration and love once her personality/look is revealed ? Will the young boy be able to connect his feelings for the voice with the person – Megha/Vrushti and realize his feelings of love for her ? Will Megha and the young boy come together to become lovestruck overriding her identity concealment & both listening to their hearts ? Stay tuned to Yeh Hai Aashiqui this Sunday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

Some Info On CAST:
* Megha/Varashti/Vrushti is portrayed by Actress and Singer – Tia Kar

* Param is portrayed by actor Zaan Khan
– Portrayed the lead character Dhruv in Channel V’s Jhalli Anjali Ke Tootey Dil Ki Amazing Story [2014].
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3, aired on 26th December 2014 and portrayed the role of Rohan. That Episode WU here.
Twitter page of Zaan

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