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Airlines new show - Ananya and Akash and all, Star Plus

Ananya takes Aakash to the hospital after saving him from getting drowned. Shefali tries to call Ananya and doesn’t get to her and is worried. Kunal comes to speak with Shefali and asks her to not worry. Kunal says why she doesn’t call Aakash since she has earlied told him that Ananya will be with Aakash. He then suggests that they can to Megha’s home to know about Aakash’s number. Meanwhile, Mr. Sen informs Rohit Mafatlal about Aakash being admitted in the hospital. Rohit wants to go to Goa to see Aakash with his G-650 plane. Anjali learns at her end that Aakash is fine and the doctor even thanks her for the presence of mind.


Rohit comes to Ananya and learns that Aakash is out of danger. Ananya informs Rohit on Aakash was saying – attack in his semi-conscious state. He also brings Ananya’s clothes since he learnt from Mr. Sen that she brought Aakash to hospital after swimming in the pool. He went to her hotel upon landing and got her clothes. She thanks him. Soon, she learns about Shefali’s missed calls and calls her. Shefali learns that Aakash is in the hospital and shows concern to him and also for her sister. Megha’s mom also comes to know of Aakash being admitted in the hospital and prays for his well-being. Shefali informs Megha’s mom that Aakash dived in the swimming pool and got hit on his head and saved by Ananya. Kunal looks upset and wanted to leave but Megha and Shefali suggest him to wait for coffee and he agrees to them. He looks at the wall portrait of Mahima. Aakash in the hospital comes to conscious state and remembers about the attack in the swimming pool. The police comes to take Aakash’s statement and it turns out Aakash’s senior boss is already present as the doctor and sends the police away. Aakash wants to leave but is advised to listen to him. The senior boss informs Aakash that his cover is blown and the defense intelligence bureau wants Aakash to be back with them. He asks Aakash whether he told about the attack to Ananya and he replies no. Aakash also speaks of not coming to Goa and took the flight in the last minute and it might be the case that someone in Inde Airlines might have some knowledge about the attack. At Megha’s home, Kunal continues to act maliciously while Shefali and Megha are busy preparing the coffee. He goes to Mahima’s room and tries to find something. Shefali and Megha doesn’t find Kunal in the drawing room and starts to look out for him. Megha is looking for him and at his end he manages to open an Almirah and starts looking for something.

He senses Megha approaching him and comes to her. Meanwhile, an old man comes to the hospital asking for Aakash Saluja and introduces himself as Aakash’s father. He speaks on learning about Aakash’s accident and wants to meet him and is told to speak to the medical superintendent (MS). Shefali talks with Megha and is told to check about her admission in U.K. Shefali looks at her e-mails and Megha asks her to read her mails which has been accumulated. Megha soon finds a mail from the college where shefali wants to study and reads it and informs that Shefali has got the admission in Queen’s college of Music. The old man meets the supervising officer at the hospital who informs that Aakash is a special patient. He wants to show his ID to convince the officer and then takes out the gun and shoots the officer thereby killing him. The gun had the silencer in it and the old man apologizes to the dead officer and cites being in hurry. Shefali reads the mail of getting admitted in Queen’s college of Music and also learnt that she didn’t got the scholarship and only 3 hrs are left to pay the fees. Megha asks her to not loose hope. Ananya and Rohit comes in the ward of Aakash and meets him. Rohit asks Aakash how he got injured. Aakash speaks of falling awkardly when diving and got hit. Rohit then informs on learning from Ananya that Aakash have murmured attack and Ananya supports it. Aakash’s senior boss comes in there and regards Aakash was having hallucinations to utter such words. Meanwhile, the old man after killing the supervising officer comes to know that there are two rooms booked for Aakash. Kunal at his end gets a call and the caller asks whether he got Mahima’s diary and he replies with Project ID 2877 on not finding it. The old man dresses as the supervising doctor and leaves to Aakash’s room/s. The supervising officer murder came to light by a support staff. Ananya gets a call from Shefali. Shefali speaks of getting admission in Queen’s college of Music but there is a problem. She informs Ananya on receiving mail from college 10 days ago but she didn’t check it as it was in the spam folder. Shefali also speaks of having only 3 hrs left for fees payment. Ananya asks her to not worry and ends the calls and is worried.

The old man comes to one room where Aakash might be there and sends the nurse away, Without seeing the man, he shoots and kills another man mistaken to be Aakash. He again apologizes to the deceased and leaves by saying that he was having 50-50 chance and leaves. Ananya is worried and wants to help Shefali but there is very less time. She wants to arrange atleast 6 Lakhs INR for her. Aakash’s senior boss learns about the supervising officer murder and wants his team to safeguard Aakash’s room with more security and informs his team member that the murderer came to kill Aakash and not just the officer. Mr. Sen calls Ananya and she informs him of the need to have a loan of 6 lakhs. He speaks of talking to the management and she speaks on having the money within 3 hrs. Aakash’s senior boss is seen in the lift with the same old man who did the murder and speaks to his team on sealing the balcony. The old man enacts and give some smiles. Natasha comes to meet Aakash and is seen in his ward. Ananya also comes there and Natasha advises her to go to her hotel and rest since she might be exhausted. Aakash also asks Ananya to go and rest. Ananya obliges to Aakash and begins to leave. The old man passes by Ananya and is approaching Aakash’s room. Mr, Sen calls Ananya and informs her that the loan has been sanctioned and even the loan amount has been transferred to her bank account as well. Mr. Sen informs that Rohit should be thanked. Ananya calls Shefali and begins to pay the fees on the college site. She gets the reference no of Shefali but the site hangs and eventually she does the payment and shefali’s admission is complete. Later, Ananya calls Rohit and thanks him. She wants another favor from him and wants to go back to Delhi with him.

He happily agrees and wants her to be his co-pilot. Aakash’s room is guarded by security man and the old man ponders on his next move. He finds a nurse coming out from Aakash’s room and introduces himself as a doctor from a trauma centre and goes with the nurse and gets through the security. Aakash’s senior boss learns about the old man from the CCTV footage and soon remembers where he has seen the old man. The senior boss learns that the old man is enacting as the doctor and runs to Aakash’s room. Natasha is in Aakash’s room while the old man acts to check Aakash and speaks that Aakash have low pulse. He injects some liquid like poison in Aakash’s veins. The senior boss makes his entry and points the gun at the old man. But the old man takes Natasha hostage to secure himself and his leave from there. Aakash gets troubled after getting poison and a doctor is called. The senior boss tries to find the old man but discovers Natasha is shot and badly injured and asks for medical services for her. The old man takes another avatar and wears a hoodie to evade the Aakash’s intelligence team. They try to find him but in vain. Ananya comes home in Delhi and meets her family and soon learns that Shefali has closed herself in a room due to non-payment of fees since her admission got cancelled. Ananya swears to her Aunt on doing the payment and shows them the receipt. She is not understanding why her online payment is cancelled and her grandfather asks whether she send the receipt along with the form. She speaks of not knowing it and also Shefali have helped her in filling the form. Soon, she learns that Shefali is crying inside after locking herself since some few hours. Ananya wants her to open the door and requests her much. Shefali at her end is trying to eat many pills which can be harmful to her life amounting to suicide attempt.

Next week: Rohit meets Ananya and informs her that an editor of chief of a big league magazine wants to have a photoshoot with her since the theme is Women Achievers. She declines Rohit’s offer for the photoshoot. He feels shocked..

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