Raman and Ishita’s ‘’X Ray Wala Love’’ in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Raman lies to Ishita that he is wearing X ray glasses by which he has seen almost anything, and fools her a lot by mentioning her inners’ color. The first time he acted smart and lied, she ran to the washroom and stood inside till he slept. Later on, she searched for the glasses and did not get it. Raman feels the glasses idea is really working for him, and he should make the most of it. He makes Ishita do whatever he wants, like… praise him and do his work by blackmailing her of the see through glasses. Poor Ishita falls prey to his joke, and believe that his ordinary glasses are really X ray glasses. After the Christmas party, there is again some romance bits in the show, as Raman and Ishita get closer by the glasses humor.

He wears the glasses and she hides behind the bed asking him to remove them. Raman laughs and enjoys Ishita’s annoyance. She feels like breaking the glasses. She then goes to him to snatch the glasses, and our hero does not let the lady get it easily. He holds her closer and they have an eyelock, a romantic one. Ishita then takes the glasses and teases him that she will also use the X ray power and see through, as he was teasing her. Raman smiles knowing she is being foolish. She then finds out about his big joke and beats him. Their little fights will definitely make the romance and viewers’ roll on the floor. Raman gifts Ishita a costly tablet and she is surprised seeing it. To know more…. Keep reading.



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