Titu and Panchi inching to fall in Love thanks to the Key & Janmashtami celebrations


Tu Mera Hero - Panchi and Titu

Titu loses the keys of a trunk/box on the Janmashtami day which makes his father much annoyed and his mother dearly asks him how he will find it. Meanwhile, Panchi finds it after seeing fallen on groud. Titu assures his mother and decides to help Panchi and needs to get the keys from her. He becomes a girl and hides his face, but looks unique as he wears jeans. He takes the bride’s getup to meet Panchi. Govind believes in celebrating Janmashtami in a very grand way, and thus kept the auditions for Radha’s role. Panchi doubts who is the new Radha, but is shocked to see Titu as Radha. There will be light moments in the show, the confusions will make Titu and Panchi fall in love. Her love will make Titu change and the gradual changes in Titu will bring more twists and turns.

[youtube id=http://youtu.be/CN5_RJEkDsE]


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