Nandini compelled to come forward to Manik for expressing her love; MaNan's realization of love on the cards


kaisi yeh yaariyan

Manik and Nandini are finally coming close to realize & accept their mutual love full-heartedly for one another. Nandini agreed with Abhimanyu on not letting Manik go and cannot withstand to see Soha’s intentions to come closer to Manik. Soha has organized a party for Manik, Fab 5, Nandini and expected to give a surprise to Manik and thought on having some good time with him but all her plans went in vain. Abhimanyu has dropped Manik to some other place on the pretext of it being Soha’s party place. After reaching there, Manik understood he was intentionally sent there and not to Soha’s party and within no time he found it was Nandini’s plan to not let him go and meet Soha. He calls Nandini informing on reaching Soha’s party which is a lie to make sure she comes to confirm his presence at that different place. Nandini doesn’t take Abhimanyu words of dropping Manik at other place than Soha’s party place and goes to Manik’s place. Meanwhile, Manik at his end informed Cabir to not let Soha leave her party place since he was expecting Nandini at his end. Nandini meets Manik at his place and he speaks clearly with confidence that she arranged his presence there which was meant to keep him away from Soha. Nandini admits on doing so, and Manik who had soften his defiant stand towards her is now happy. Manik’s believe that Soha is not the problem but the solution to Nandini’s problem came true, and moreover his words that Nandini can’t stay away from him also proved right.

Nandini overcome her perceived guilt and realized its time to accept her feelings of love towards Manik after Soha’s keen interest in Manik; Cabir’s advice; and Abhimanyu’s words who acted as a cupid. Abimanyu have told Nandini that she needs to listen to her heart and do accordingly. The good thing is Manik and Nandini’s acceptance of Love is on the cards, and the fireflies are definitely lucky and ought to bring happiness to them. Coming to Aliya and Dhruv, their bonding got more stronger and even he got a heartfelt gift from Aliya. Dhruv developed strong feelings for her and are inching closer to express their love. Amidst all this, Navya is worried at her end and knows about Harshad’s being out from jail. What she is hiding from Nandini, Fab 5, Aliya & all ? Whether she wants to go back to Harshad under some unavoidable compulsion & circumstances ?



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