Love By Chance 32nd Episode on 3rd January 2015 starring Vrinda Dawda on Bindass TV – Written Update


Love By Chance Bindass 32nd Episode, 3rd January 2015 starring Vrinda DawdaLove By Chance Bindass 32nd Episode, 3rd January 2015

Today’s Love by Chance Episode name is Photo Wali Ladki. Kavi Shastri (the host) speaks about Angad Gupta who is the sole head of a small photo studio and is content with whatever he has.


The story starts with Angad – Meerut ka fashion photographer reaching his photo studio and meets a girl and her mother. He informs her of feeling not comfortable with her mother around. She replies that they are not going to do kissing or something like that so why the fuss about her mother. He then speaks of just wanting to take her photoshoot and nothing more. She then flirts with him and informs that if he wants they can do some kissing. Moreover, she adds on having a family cottage in Delhi and if he marries her then he will get it. He shows neither interest in her nor in the cottage and wants to listen to her story while taking her photoshoot. He takes her photo shoot and she gives different pose. Her mom sleeps while the shoot is on and she asks about one photo which is hanging there. He speaks of capturing it when he visited a marriage in Bareily and took it while editing. He speaks of fallen in love with the girl in that photo. The girl who was at his photo shoot makes a taunt that she is there and even tried to propose to him but he was not interested but rather showing interest in someone whom he doesn’t know at all.

Kavi (the host) speaks that Angad was not giving line to the girl who was trying to flirt and propose to him. It seems that if the girl who is seen in that photo frame would have come to the studio then Angad might open-up about his feelings.

Angad is working and soon finds the same girl who is in the photo frame and wonders on the coincidence. She is Namita – Meerut Ki Haseena (beautiful girl of Meerut] and asks him where he is lost ? He compliments that she is photogenic and thus got lost. He reminds that they have met in Anupriya’s marriage in Bareily and she did much energetic dance on Lat Lag Gaye song. He then shows her the photo frame with her photo and she is surprised to see it and happy. He starts to talk very informally with her and she reminds him on being overcasual. He apologizes and also speaks of contacts in Bhojpuri movies. She demeans the Bhojpuri movies and wishes to work in Bollywood movies and he supports her. She does her own make-up and soon he goes on to take her photo shoot and tries to come close a bit in good way. He learns that she is going to Mumbai and then speaks of tough life there. He suggests that everyone wants one thing from girl there. She asks whether girl doesn’t like that thing. He then speaks of being ready but she declines and says not ready. Angad asks which work and she thinks him as funny. They continue the photoshoot after the break.

Kavi (the host) speaks that the odds of the same girl hanging in a photo frame comes to the studio is very less but such beautiful chance took place. Angad was happy in Meerut while Namita wants to become something in Mumbai and wants to run and go fast. Now, see whether there will be friendship between rabbit aka Namita annd tortoise aka Angad ?

She drinks water and he asks about her name and address since he needs to inform her when the photos are ready. She introduces her name as Namita and he compliments her name. She doesn’t want to give her number since she thinks he will flirt with her on phone. He speaks of doing his job but she doesn’t listen and speaks of coming in 2 days at 12:00 noon to collect the photos. Soon she finds her sandal broken and thinks that he has done some black magic. He then opens up and informs of liking her from the time he saw her at the marriage. She speaks on not even knowing him and he sticks to his point of liking her after their first meetup. She thinks that he is like all other boys who are after girls. He speaks of being a lover and have done many things in his college days when he have loved a girl. She doesn’t show interest and just then his sister comes there. He asks his sister to give her sandal to Namita and requests much. Namita gets the sandal from her and leaves. Angad is happy and informs that Namita is a client while his sister Nikki thinks that she is more than a client. Nikki wants him to meet her boyfriend Kunal and he speaks of feeling uncomfortable to meet her BF as he is her brother. She tries to speak that Kunal is a good boy but he thinks his life is in tension until his sister gets married. Namita sees him speaking such words when he came back to take the phone . Later, Namita comes to his studio while he looks at her photos in his laptop and is lost in them. He didn’t recognize her presence for a while and soon finds that she is there for real. She returns the sandal of his sister and asks him to meet his sister’s BF Kunal and thinks that his sister will feel nice. Namita leaves on that note. Angad decides to meet Kunal and goes on a dinner with him and Nikki at his studio. He learns that Kunal studies with Nikki and shows some annoyance on his question. As Kunal was leaving, Angad asks him to touch elder’s feet. Kunal binds the shoe’s laces and makes Angad fall. They laugh on that note and Angad’s sister comes and asks how is Kunal ? He replies on not so good and will find better boy for her but she becomes upset.

Kavi (the host) speaks that after the arrival of Namita, she was on Angad’s mind and he was happy but the smile is not bound to stay longer with him.

Angad kisses a photo of Namita and waits for her. Some men comes there and shows the photo of Namita and asks whether he knows her. He speaks of only knowing her name and one of the men is Namita’s brother. Namita’s brother informs that she ran from her marriage which was yesterday. Angad thinks that she was being forced into marriage and then her brother replies that she was getting married with the boy whom she likes. She was having her boyfriend for one year and he comments that today’s girl changes BF with time. Angad speaks of not knowing when she will come and gets thrashed. He then informs her brother and his men that she will come today soon since her bus is scheduled at 6 PM. Namita’s brother have stomach upset and runs to the restroom. Meanwhile, a pizza man comes with the delivery and there is some shortage of money and he convinces  those men to get money from ATM. While returning back, he finds Namita walking and approaching his studio and gets help from one of the men who was busy playing game on his phone. He runs to Namita and speaks of being in love and informs her of shielding from her brother. He then shows his wounds which have been hit by her brother & men. She speaks that her brother wanted to force her and he is also like him. They escape from there while tricking her brother’s men.

He speaks of her brother’s words that she has a boyfriend and have ran away from her marriage. She asks how come she will have a BF when her brother is such a person. Angad wants to know her story and she speaks of her aspirations to become an actress and her family thinks that it is a bad work. She starts to speak that he has a younger sister and then suggests that a person’s identity is built by his work and not just by relations. He compliments her and suggests that she will become an actress. She replies that destiny will decide such thing. He asks her that they can go together and he speaks of not flirting with her and cites that her brother will be after him until the time she stays in the city. She agrees to go with him and leaves. Namita’s brother scolds his men and slaps them. He learns that Namita is going to Mumbai in the evening and waits at some point on the road. Namita and Angad were travelling in an auto and he finds her brother and men at some distance waiting. Angad tells the auto driver to take U turn which he agrees and then the driver speaks of knowing a short cut. Kavi (the host) speaks that short cuts could be risky.

Angad and Namita are caught by her brother since the auto driver takes them to him. The driver gets paid and Namita finds her brother having some stomach upset and with those excuse Angad takes hold of the car and runs with her. They are going in a car and she calls him a good boy and he says that she is also ok. She touches him to show how is she and he asks her to not touch since he might fall in love. She asks him to drive fast otherwise the bus will leave. When he suggested things will be fine the car stops and there is a problem. They starts walking towards the bus station and after some distance she couldn’t walk further and only 3 kms remain. She carrries her in his arms and she looks at him with earnest eyes. He drops her at the bus station and she speaks there of her change in plan. She wants to go by flight and wants him to drop her at the airport so she can fly to Delhi. He asks her to not worry since the bus booking is already done and will take care of her brother. He hands over some photos to her which she can use for auditions in Mumbai. She thinks he will not impress her with those photos and other things. She then speaks of knowing how he has helped her without any self gain reason and will remember him always. She showers a hug and he becomes quiet. She is leaving and he suggests that when she becomes an actress she can share about him with people. She requests him to approve Nikki’s BF kunal and thinks atleast one brother would have agreed to his sister’s wish. He agrees to her but she also needs to think. As the bus is going to start, she asks him to come with her but he declines.

Kavi (the host) says that Angad have done his work i.e., conveyed his feelings but Namita was on her way to Mumbai.

Namita writes a text message and remembers Angad and some good moments with him. Angad comes to his studio and finds the place in mess as her brother’s men ransacked it. But he finds Namita’s photo and remembers her and carries teary face. [Love by Chance title song plays]. He hears continuous knock on the door and thinks her brother & men came to attack him and carries a wooden stick. He opens the door and surprised to see Namita. She speaks of not going alone and asks him to come with her. She sees the studio in mess by her brother. He speaks of going to Mumbai and doing struggle and she needs someone to manage her talent as well. He wonders what about his to be brother-in law. She smiles and shows him the message of sending to her brother on going away from him forever. She reminds Angad on going to her Uncle (Phupa Ji) once her brother gets tired of looking for her in Mumbai. She asks him to speak informally as it looks like her own. He then speaks of forgetting one thing and she suggests its better late than never. He asks her to say first and thinks that rule needs to be broken. She holds his hand and confesses her love to him – I love you. He pulls her leg and suggests of not seeing her in that way. She showers a hug and speaks to loving her too. The story ends on that happy note. Kavi speaks on how Namita found a partner who was ready to support in her aspirations in Mumbai. He signs off by asking the viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #LoveByChance on Bindass TV’s Twitter page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe have given a very good performance to a layered and emotional love story. Kudos to the actors, the team and Bindass TV.

Some Info On CAST:
* Namita is played by actress Vrinda Dawda
– Vrinda was born on 31st March 1990 and belongs to Gujarati family. She studied Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and also completed Frankfinn Air hostess course.
– Played the role of Taani Shekhawat in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance.
– Played the role of Priya a college girl in Yeh Hai Aashiqui 1st June 2014 Episode on Bindass. If interested, read that episode WU here.
– Recently worked in Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 1 6th Episode aired on 27th June 2014 and portrayed the role of Mitalee opposite actor Gaurav Bajaj. If interested, read that Episode WU here.
– Vrinda also acted in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 24 opposite actor Neil Bhatt. In that episode, she essayed the role of a classical dancer Sneha.
– Read more at her Wikipedia page.Vrinda’s Twitter page.

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