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Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Zing Ek Villain Finding Mitalee

Shraddha starts the show and speaks that every love story has hero, heroine, and a villain. The story is about a villain. Siddharth says that love is such power which can make an animal to be human or human as animal. They introduces himself and the show. Sid speaks that the hero of the love story wants to all the things for a happy ending. Today’s story is of the hero Ankit and the heroine Mitalee.

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The story starts with Mitalee’s mother shouting at her children and wants some help. Mitalee’s father tries to wake her up by speaking about Japanese progress in trains, and then somehow takes her for morning walk. In the morning, they stop at one coconut stall and he suggests her to join yoga classes. further, he adds that with yoga mind becomes sharp and she is seen by a boy Ankit. She speaks on how much to sharpen her mind. He insists that body should be also be exercised and not just mind. Ankit continues to eye her while she is talking with her father.

Sooner, Ankit falls down while seeing her and then noticed by Mitalee and her father. He informs them that he came for jogging but is seen in jeans so mitalee’s father becomes amused on his answer. Ankit’s friend advises him to speak with Mitalee and suggests that both of them just look at each other. He advises him to go and speak with Mitalee to get clarity on her liking and what she wants. Ankit goes to Mitalee with a white flower as she is seen sitting close to the coast. After seeing him, she smiles at him. He keeps the flower close to her, and leaves. She smiles and takes the flower and at her home looks at the same flower. Mitalee is being told by her friends to come at a party where there is also a DJ. Ankit eyes her and in the process again hits a girl. She speaks to her friends about Ankit. Both then meet together and she asks what is he doing ? He speaks on meeting his friend Rahul at the college. She doesn’t take his word, and speaks that she didn’t talk with him since many years because during their childhood he said to her – Stop crying like a girl. He apologizes and speaks that he was just a kid then and even now as well he is dumb.

She smiles on hearing the same and even he laughs a bit. Sooner then, he wants to say something to her, but doesn’t know how to say. She opens up and confesses her liking for him. Both share an eyelock, and she speaks that they know each other since childhood and furthermore she knows that he likes her and since many days he wanted to say the same thing to her. She suggests that when she goes to the morning walk or enters her college gate in morning she knows that he is looking at her. But in spite of all these things, she can’t do this. Ankit carries a sad face and she speaks more clearly that she comes from a middle class family and is not from lavish one but has gotten values and because of those values she cannot do this. She expresses her liking for him but at the same time doesn’t want to hurt her parents. And this thing will hurt them a lot. She tries to convince him but he becomes dejected.

Some other day, Ankit meets Mitalee on the road, and wants to express his points as well. He speaks on knowing her since past 10 years, and also knows that she is different from other girls, and agrees to whatever she told. He speaks that she is the one to whom he wants to see first thing in the morning, and also he couldn’t get sleep in the night if he couldn’t see her, his facial expressions changes from a bit timid to more open and relaxed. Furthermore, he speaks on being a fan of her, and compliments her smile -(1) when funny, she laughs loud, (2) when she is excited and nervous, she smiles little. He knows that she also likes him but she will not go against her parents.

On that note, he promises to convince her parents, but before that he wants to ask her something. He asks to her, Do I deserve you ? She nods her head and then he speaks on her third kind of smile which is the one when she smiles with her eyes as she is doing at that moment. He promises to become very suitable for her. After hearing this, Mitalee feels happy and smiles.

Siddharth speaks that Ankit was aware that Mitalee has feelings for him but was not acknowledging and was waiting for the day when she will acknowledge them. Shraddha says this is love and suggests that though Ankit was making small steps towards his love but now their love was blossoming further. He meets her again and invites for an auto ride with him so as to drop her home. In the auto, he looks at her and she smiles. He gets a call from his mother and informs her that he has already got the UPC form and will study a lot so as to get a good Bahu for her. Both looks at each other and smiles. She reaches home and is scolded by her mother for coming late. Mitalee’s mother suggests that what’s the need to study in a far college while there are nearby colleges as well, furthermore makes a taunt on Mitalee’s college St. Mary. She informs her husband that a boy has dropped their daughter and makes a taunt on her daughter’s education.

He asks her whether is this right ? She responds because of auto strike she took help from the neighborhood guy. He asks whether he drives auto ? He then speaks that why to fear ? We have fear when we are doing wrong and knows in the heart, and he asks her whether she has something for him ? She expresses love for her father and suggests that she will not do anything which will bring disrepute to her parents. He is satisfied with her answer but his wife is not convinced and still fears for something wrong in future. Sidd speaks that Mitalee was everything for her father, and she always wanted to make her father happy. On top of that, when she got 92 % in her exams, then both were extremely happy and asks her parents for giving a treat to her friends outside but her mother didn’t agree.

Mitalee’s mother brings some snacks (Samosas) and also sweets to Mitalee and her friends and asks them why they want to go outside ? Mitalee’s friends asks her even after getting 92 % marks, she haven’t even spend 92 paise (0.92 INR). They are not impressed with her treat. Sooner, mitalee’s father comes there and she introduces her friends – sonal, priyanka..He informs them his daughter will take them outside during the weekend. Mitalee takes her friends out to a pub and sees Ankit there. She asks for a cold drink but her friends takes drinks. She speaks to her friends that Ankit is cute who even told to her mother that he will bring a good Bahu at home. She speaks on not able to say to her parents, and cites that whatever she will do in her life – career, marriage, everything, she wants to make sure that her parents are proud of her. She suggests that will be the biggest achievement for her.

Sooner, police comes there and takes them out all the girls and boys from that bar. Ankit outside the bar asks the police man about their wrong and gets a tight slap in return. The policeman even gets hold of Ankit’s hairs and scolds him. He says that girls are all prostitutes who brings shame to indian culture, and further taunts on their short dress and says that they do lot of fun outside their home. He calls them characterless. He then confronts Mitalee and removes her veil, she informs him that she is not a prostitute and he is misunderstood but he doesn’t listen to her. To add more insult, the media women asks her whether her family are aware of this work, she speaks on the misunderstanding but in vain and arrests Mitalee and other people. When media women posed a question that whether he is sure the girls are involved in drugs and prostitution, he responds that though they carry innocence on their faces but are involved in prostitution and heavy drinking.

Sooner, Mitalee’s father comes to the police station to take his daughter. The same policeman asks him whether Mitalee is his daughter and then suggests that before leaving somebody they have to ask and cannot be just send like this, and further makes a taunt on Mitalee’s father that he knows his daughter and then gives a shrewd smile. He insults mitalee’s father and says that his daughter has made him proud by graving his name in gold. He then wants mitalee’s father to sign the booklet there and gives a warning that he can come to his home anytime and suggest him to take proper care of his daughter. Mitalee’s father looks at her after hearing it, and then asks the policeman why such thing ? The policeman responds by taunting her father that he doesn’t know his daughter’s extracurricular activities, and then informs that at the bar where she was caught, drugs were found and half of the girls caught there are prostitutes, so it might be she is…and according to law she might be a drug peddlar. Mitalee’s father reiterates to the policeman that he doesn’t have the right to humiliate them but can continue with his investigation.

He then speaks on having full confidence on his daughter who will never do any wrong and calls her innocent. He then says that he is not afraid of their investigation and gets a scolding from the policeman. The media outside the police station confronts Mitalee’s father and asks him whether he knows that his daughter is prostitute, and some wild questions are, Does he know how much she earns in her work ? Ankit sees them, and the father speaks of his daughter’s innocence but the media is not listening and then paints black ink on his face. Ankit sees that event and mitalee’s father is shattered and the shrewd policeman feels happy. Mitalee and her father comes home, and her mother becomes dejected and she aplogizes to her mother. He goes to the restroom and looks at the mirror and remembers the wild remarks made by media and also policeman’s claims of finding drugs and taunts on his daughter. Mitalee’s mother advises her to apologize to her father and speaks that she has broken her father’s trust and also him. Mitalee cries..

Shraddha speaks that the girl who has utmost care for her father’s respect and now she deals with grave insult meted out to her father, and just imagine how bad she was feeling and what was going in her mind, and just yearns to listen some words from him. Mitalee’s mother searches for her daughter at home and soon finds her in a pool of blood and lying on floor. Mitalee is dead, and people come there to provide support to her family and Ankit also comes there. Mitalee’s father informs Ankit to meet Mitalee for the last time. Ankit sits close to her body and remembers the good moments spend with Mitalee and her confession of liking him.

Siddharth speaks that one night changed her life completely and she just couldn’t deal with those wrong allegations meted out at her. Shraddha speaks that she felt guilt and she was so devastated and found only one way which was suicide and she killed herself. Mitalee’s father is being advised that there is no hope even if they legal action to prove mitalee’s innocence. Ankit comes there and blames the policeman for all the wrongs and he should be behind the bars. Mitalee’s father decides to not take any legal step and wants her daughter’s soul to be happy and doesn’t want to hurt her more. Ankit carries more dejection and she is consoled a women who suggests that mitalee’s parents are in a shock and couldn’t do much at this time but he can fight online for the righteous thing by taking people’s support and even changed people’s opinion about her.

Ankit’s friend speaks that their online petition has gathered 20,000 votes and 2000 supporters since it is a righteous thing and its not a small number. He then gets a call from a media person who wants to cover a story regarding his online petition since many people have supported it. Ankit gives his approval for the story and soon the policeman comes there and arrests Ankit for filing the online petition. Ankit is beaten at the police station and further the policeman shouts at him and asks him how would he filed an Internet petition to defame a policeman (him)? He wants to treat him a hard lesson and asks that he tried to garner sympathy, and beats him more. He speaks to Ankit that he couldn’t do anything and wants to make a raid at his home. He warns to damage his career and life and speaks out how he has made sure mitalee’s father is insulted by media via ink painted on his face. Ankit learns about the policeman’s confession for insulting mitalee’s father and then her father comes there to provide guarantee for Ankit and to take him home. The policeman carries an evil smile on his face after seeing her father and gives a warning.

Mitalee’s father advises Ankit to not hurt them more and speaks that this is the last time he has helped him and wants him to go on his own way and requests him to not think on Mitalee and even after his efforts she will not come back. He goes to her home and imagines her and gets reminded of their last meeting when he promised her to fight for bringing justice to her father. Siddharth speaks that Ankit didn’t know what he was doing and he became desperate and helpless and even his friend Savio left him, and now was alone in his fight and didn’t knew how to take revenge against the policeman Chavan and now the hero needs to become a villain. Shraddha speaks that Ankit has decided that because of his love, justice for Mitalee, and to bring respect to his father he will take things in his own hand. He was not worried about right and wrong and now became the villain of this story.

Ankit sees the policeman Chavan with his family at the station and thereafter kidnaps his daughter. He then informs the policeman chavan and shows him the video of her. Ankit speaks that he is sure that chavan will find out his whereabouts and even kill him but that’s ok but he needs only sixty seconds to put many drugs in his daughter’s body. Chavan threatens Ankit but he is not afraid. Ankit speaks to Chavan that he will not run away, and then suggests to him that if he didn’t listen to his demands then he doesn’t know what might can happen to his daughter. On that note, Chavan becomes worried and Ankit then wants him to confess in front of the media that mitalee was innocent and there was no drugs and also apologize to his parents. Furthermore, he speaks that after doing all this he knows that mitalee will not be back. Chavan responds that if he thinks that he will be fine after doing all these things then he is misunderstood. Ankit gives him an ultimatum and warns that only in 1 hour he can find his daughter as drug addict like Mitalee, and wants him to listen to his demands instead.

Chavan is shocked at the police station while Ankit at his end contemplates to insert more drug injections in chavan’s daughter body after seeing no response from Chavan on TV. He decides to not insert the injection and then finds chavan on national tv apologizing for his wrong in front of the media and apologizes to mitalee’s parents on national tv, and blames himself for her death and calls her innocent. furthermore on that night at the party no drygs were found, and again apologizes to her parents and the country. Ankit at his end feels happy and remembers mitalee and their moments and then cries profusely. Siddharth says that Ankit was prepared to kill chavan’s daughter..Shraddha says that darkness is only taken away by light. In the same away, revenge can be ended by love. Some people cannot become bad even if they wished to and cannot hurt people and only remains in love just like Mitalee and Ankit who just wanted their togetherness. Ankit is arrested and mitalee’s father comes to meet him and makes a remark that his daughter was very lucky to have him as her love. Ankit remembers her inside the prison cell.

Siddharth says that Chavan got his due and his daughter Aarti was found absolutely fine at that spot when police reached there. But Ankit was still alone and Shraddha speaks that nobody becomes villain from their childhood and regards circumstances, situations, extremes of love make them villain and therefore we say – Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya. Siddharth speaks that people can share their opinion on whether Ankit did the right thing for his love, and they can do it on Zing TV facebook and twitter pages and use the hashtag #PTKK.

Addtitional Note : For our readers
– We learnt from Heroes Episode of June 17, 2014 (when we wrote the written update) with the lead Rhea speaking that according to Section 160 of IPC (Indian penal code), a girl cannot be interrogated by a male, male police cannot physically touch a female, and also female person cannot be arrested before sunrise or after sunset. And only a female can be interrogated at her home in front of female family members.
– Therefore, Mitalee’s arrest by policeman chavan in the night after sunset is inappropriate and wrong according to Section 160. Indeed, all the policies are not implemented fully in practice, however we want our readers to be aware of the individual rights and law.
– If interested, read our written update of Heroes 17th June Episode on our website here.

Special Hosts for this Episode: Heartthrob Siddharth Malhotra and Actress/Star Shraddha Kapoor.

Actual Hosts (Narrators) of the show: Meiyang Chang and Surbhi Jyoti (Zoya from Qubool Hai) will inform us about the characters and will also guide us through the story.

Info on Cast
* Mitalee is played by actress Vrinda Dawda.
– Vrinda was born on 31st March 1990 and belongs to Gujarati family. She studied Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com) and also completed Frankfinn Air hostess course.
– She recently played the role of Priya a college girl in Yeh Hai Aashiqui 1st June 2014 Episode on Bindass. If interested, read our written update of that episode at our site here.
– Played the role of Taani Shekhawat in Channel V’s Dil Dosti Dance.
– Vrinda also acted in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 24 opposite actor Neil Bhatt.
In that episode, she essayed the role of a classical dancer Sneha. Read more at her Wikipedia page.
– Vrinda’s Twitter page.

* Ankit is played by actor Gaurav Bajaj.
– Gaurav was born on 6 April 1986. He worked in commercials and films such as Phir Kabhi, Dahek: A Restless Mind, Kirkit and Vroom.
– Gaurav is also a producer of GENEXT films. Gaurav’s Twitter page.
– Gaurav recently acted in Ishq Kills episode on 16th April 2014, in the role of Vikrant Kulkarni, the Chief Minister who starts to neglect his wife a lot after reaching that position. If interested, you can read the written update on our site here.

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  6. […] and portrayed the role of Mitalee opposite actor Gaurav Bajaj. If interested, read that Episode WU here. – Vrinda also acted in Yeh Hai Aashiqui’s Episode 24 opposite actor Neil Bhatt. In […]

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