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Yeh Dil Sun Raha Hai:


Neelima is shocked to see Poorvi shattered and was expecting Poorvi to come home with Arjun, as she decided to accept Arjun as her son in law, post Poorvi’s confiding everything to her. Poorvi tells her how Arjun cheated her and she made a big mistake by believing his love. Neelima gets worried knowing about Arjun and Tanu’s marriage and asks Poorvi did she get ahead in her marital relation. Poorvi says I have surrendered myself in my love and blind faith on Arjun, and this makes Neelima angry on Arjun and his family. She gets annoyed with Poorvi for self ruining her future by not listening to them, and on the other hand, she gets worried for Poorvi’s future. What will be Neelima’s take on this?

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

Nandini asks Manik to be her friend. He tingles her to make her laugh. The friendship cum unspoken love journey starts between them. Soha gets after Manik and tries wooing him, and it has to be seen whether Manik falls in her obsession trap. She roams around Manik and tries to flirt, while he smiles feeling it odd to see her behavior. Navya at her end fails Harshad’s evil plan to abort her baby without her knowledge. She couldn’t trust Harshad and goes ahead to say Halla Bol. For long time, she has hidden the pregnancy truth and with Harshad not accepting it & acting evil, she decides to speak out in open and removes her perceived inhibitions about it. However, she finds opposition but Manik & college principal comes to defend her and provides support. What will Harshad feel with Navya’s courageous step, will he realize his guilt ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Raman Kumar Bhalla folds hands and begs to Ashok Khanna, being very helpless and teary eyed. Raman goes to Ashok seeking his help for saving Adi’s life. Raman is helpless as a father as he wants Ashok to help him in doing the hospital formalities as he is the legal father of Adi. The hospital staff asks Raman to get Adi’s legal father’s consent to operate him, and Raman gets tensed as he has no right to sign the form. Ashok acts rude to Raman and kicks him out. Next in the show is Rinki’s entry from Australia.

Balika Vadhu:

Shiv fights with the terrorists and gets caught by them, as they aim the guns at him. Shiv bravely fights with them single handedly, but fails to save himself from them …. And the fight leads to his death. Shiv’s death will be taking away colors from Anandi’s life. Anandi senses some troubles knocking her door, as the strong wind blows and the diya goes off, making her worried for Shiv. How will be accept Shiv’d death news?


Private Investigator Raffe Roy Choudhry will be making an entry in the show Veera. Raffe interrogates Baldev in jail and concludes that Baldev did not kill Nihaal. He tells Ranvi that Baldev is not behind the murder and Ranvi does not believe him, asking him to get the real culprit infront of them. Veera tells Raffe that she does not have any doubt on anyone except Rajveer, about whom Baldev’s friends have alerted her many times, and he has a motive too as he wished to marry her. It will be Raffe who will bring out Rajveer’s past story and Nihaal’s murder truth.

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara is making pickles with her family, while Karishma is annoyed with her. Naksh’s birthday is coming and Karishma impresses Naksh by keeping her birthday bash, and acts sweet. She uses Naksh and trying to show down Akshara. Naksh misbehaves with elders and Akshara, and praises Karishma, liking the games and fun plans on his birthday. Naksh stops Varsha from making his birthday cake, as she always makes it every year, but he calls her a funny case, which shocks everyone. Akshara and Naitik scold Naksh, seeing him getting worse. They decide to teach him a lesson, and find out the reason of his change. Will Karishma be caught filling Naksh’s ears?


Aarzoo walks on the hot burning coals at the dargah regretting for loving Sahir and recalling all their moments. She punishes herself for loving Sahir, and she is extremely hurt by Sahir’s deceive of lying to her about his first marriage. Sahir and Zaki look at Aarzoo shocked. Sahir forces Aarzoo to marry her, and has given her just pain for the name of love. He blackmails her threatening about her family and she agrees to marry her. She says Qubool Hai for marrying her walking on the coal. Sahir feels hurt seeing this, and also walks on the coal, saying Qubool Hai, and showing her the marriage will be bringing more pain for them ahead. No one is happy doing this, and they are sacrificing their love and bringing hatred in the hearts. Sahir marries her to make Zaki marry Samaira. Aarzoo feels sad for letting down Zaki’s proposal as he was being her true friend and big support, rather than Sahir, whom she hates.

Tu Mera Hero:

Govind asks Titu to get any girl who is ready to marry him. Titu gets glad and thinks about Panchi. He meets Panchi with a bouquet and asking her about marriage, which would make her extremely happy. But it turns it to be Panchi’s idea to stop Titu from going to Agra. A new twist comes in the show, as Panchi gets competition to win Titu’s love by the new entry Ruhi. Ruhi falls for Titu and stays at Panchi’s home. Will Panchi make clear to Ruhi about her feelings for Titu?


Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini to give so much work to Chakor, that she hardly has time to think and plan her next step. Tejaswini puts much work load on Chakor, and even then Chakor manages to do it soon and is making her small steps towards her dream to educate and erase the bonder labor stamp on her hand. Chakor fails all Bhaiya ji’s plans and decides to make him change his decision and break the promise. Ishwar and Arjun give the responsibility to Vivaan for taking care of Chakor. Chakor starts keeping a healthy diet to increase her strength. Will Chakor succeed to get her freedom?

KumKum Bhagya:

Aaliya plans to hurt Bulbul and knock her from her way. Bulbul gets pushed into the swimming pool and shouts for help. Pragya is shocked seeing Bulbul drowning and gets tensed. She tries saving Bulbul and fails to do so. She helplessly cries and the angel comes to save Bulbul, the very own hero of the show Abhi, who makes a well timed entry and saves Bulbul’s life. Pragya is thankful to Abhi and gets into a spy’s shoes raising question on finding the person who has pushed Bulbul in the swimming pool and tried killing her. With Bulbul getting critical, will this be a halt to her relation with Purab?

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

Viraj has finally seen Shekhar’s true face and this leads to a big argument between them. Shekhar says my shooting career got ruined because of you. The truth blurts out and Shekhar angrily reveals his hatred for Viraj. Viraj comes to know that Shekhar is behind the scam, and fights with him. Nisha is the one who has exposed Viraj. Viraj gets Shekhar arrested and he is taken away by police. Viraj is really glad seeing Nisha has finally done a great thing to make him feel proud of her. Will Viraj reciprocate Nisha’s feelings after this big favor from her?

Qubool Hai:

On Aahil’s confronting Tanveer about Rehaan being her real son, Tanveer is stunned. He is remorseful on the truth and very much hurt within, knowing Tanveer is not his biological mother. Tanveer speaks out the truth that she is Rehaan’s mum, not Aahil’s. Aahil is shattered by hearing it from her, and wishes to deny it. Tanveer changes her words and plays with Aahil’s mind once again, doing emotional blackmail and taking him in her motherly shadow once again by keeping his trust on her intact. Aahil will be again in her fake motherly love’s effect and Sanam’s plan will fail to expose Tanveer. Sanam decides to tackle Tanveer by her weakness. What will be Sanam’s next move?

Sasural Simar Ka:

In Bhardwaj family, Shruti Verma a look alike of Roli marks her entry. She introduces herself as working with Mamta NGO and came there to work as a maid. Simar and all are shocked to see her and now she got a new task  which is to find more info on Shruti. Will new Roli who has been staying in the family and her fake identity comes out in open after the arrival of Shruti ?


  1. OMG shiv is going to die.How can this happen as he is the only one favourite character for whom we are interested in watching serial.It’s really heart breaking news for shiv fans.pls bring back shiv again to the serial as no one can replace shiv.

  2. Sasural simar ka reminds me of aagle janam mohi betiya hai kijo, but this story line is more complicated and interesting 😛 excellent job on the spin off from accident. Thank you very much for letting us know 😛 this week’s episodes of everything has made me laugh cry and just smile. Congrats 😛


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