Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Season 3 Episode 8 starring Parichay, Puja and Garima, 9th January 2015 on Zing TV – Written Update


Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya Parichay Sharma

Meiyang Chang (the host) starts the show and speaks that true love will finds its way and place since it happens without looking into aspects of caste, religion, social or cultural status. Thus, love happens with heart and not by mind. Love doesn’t see logic and practicality and what matters is emotions. Today’s story is of Aman and Khushboo from Nashik.

The story is set in Nashik, 2004. A goon Vasu threatens women in red-light area and forcibly takes a girl Khushboo from there. He takes her to an isolated place and forces her to work there. He threatens her that she can’t escape from there otherwise she will face his anger. Khusboo cries. Next day, Vasu is speaking with his men who asks why he kept the girl and he speaks of using her for business. Vasu looks at Aman who is seen with his girlfriend Prachi and makes a taunt to his friends that everyone has GF now. Khushboo wakes up in the room and Vasu also comes to that location and soon learns of police coming there. He takes Khushboo away before police’s raid at his home. The police learns that the goons ran from their back door and is on the lookout for Vasu. Vasu comes to Aman’s home and threatens him to keep Khushboo at his place for the night and he will come to take her next day. Aman is compelled to take her while Khushboo cries at her end. She is quiet at his place and he brings some food for her. He apologizes to her for listening to the goon since he doesn’t have any option. He speaks of knowing Vasu as his neighbor and doesn’t know any thing.


He asks her to take food and suggests her to not shout and then removes the ropes. She begins to eat and he asks her name and learns it is Khusboo. He asks why Vasu brought her there in that way and she replies on not having a family. He is sorry to hear it and he asks whether she does study. She speaks of her wish to study but haven’t realized. He learns that she stays in a place [kotha] where woman are forced to dance but she doesn’t do any business. Vasu has brought her there to sell her as part of his human trafficking racket. He tries to not look at her and she asks whether his mercy nature have changed into something unpleasant. He says thats not the case and she learns his name is Aman who works as a writer and write stories. She asks whether he also listens to stories and he says yes but why she is asking. She requests him to not tie her mouth with ropes since she will not shout. Sooner, Aman learns that its already 2 PM and he has to go to meet Prachi. He informs Khushboo of going to some important work outside and asks her to not open the door and run away. He comes to meet Prachi at the cafeteria and bit late. He apologizes to Prachi but she asks how will he behave after marriage if he forgets things. They decide to go and watch a play instead of a movie but the plan gets stalled since he also spoke of other work. She suggests that they can go out next day and he drops her. He comes to his home and finds Khushboo sleeping on the bed and speaks there of having lots of work and even Vasu didn’t come to take her. He begins to work but couldn’t get the focus and is upset.

Next day, he prepares some food and she wakes up and informs him that she needs to take bath. He shows annoyance on hearing it and in angry voice suggests that she will not die if she doesn’t take a bath for couple of days. He doesn’t look at her while saying so and she cries on that note. He realizes his mistake of speaking rudely and gives her some clothes to change. She freshens up and comes to him asking whether she can prepare coffee but he asks her to not worry. Soon, someone rings the bell and he hides Khushboo and finds Prachi to be the visitor. She gives him some Kheer sweets and leaves. Aman learns from a small shop that Vasu is caught by police. He goes to his home to inform on Vasu’s arrest to Khushboo and says that she can be independent now. She replies where she should go since she doesn’t know the city well. He asks her to not put burden on him and if someone – parents, prachi see her then he will face problems. She requests him dearly to not send her away and begins to cry. He then agrees that she can stay there for couple of days more and he will do arrangements for her and thinks she will be away from him forever. In the evening, she comes to him and speaks of not wanting to be a burden for him and thus will work. He stops her and asks how she came to the kotha ? She shares her story of wanting to study after her parents death and became a burden on her uncle. He tricked her to the Kotha place and he never returned and the truth is he sold her there though the lady – aunty told that her uncle died. She was dressed nicely and the lady wanted her to work in the business. She was beaten by the lady’s brother on her hands, legs and she used to feel suffocated there. She just wanted to leave the place and begins to cry. He gives her the support and asks her to not cry and she can stay in his home until the time she prefers and he will also help her in arranging a new place.

Meiyang (the host) speaks that Aman helped Khushboo after listening to her story. Khushboo was also understanding that Aman was the guy who was helping her without thinking to either dance or bed her. He has a big challenge on how to help Khushboo.

Aman meets Prachi and wants to know from her about prostitution and red-light areas since she studies and do research on those subjects. He asks her how about rehabilitation for the people and she replies NGO’s are there which supports them. She then asks him when he is coming to her home since her parents wants to meet him. She asks him to wear some colorful clothes instead of sad clothes since her parents would worry otherwise. Aman comes to his home and looks at Khushboo and informs her that there are many NGO’s who can support her but the condition is she needs to be honest with them. She speaks that not only her but many other girls who are living in Kothas want to get rehabilitation and support from those NGO’s and want to come out. She also thinks the same and needs a job and a place to stay and even wants to study. He gives her support and says even he wants to see her succeed and have a good life but he has compulsions to keep her in his home. He speaks of a friend who can help her but she is quiet. As Aman was calling his friend, Vasu’s men confronts him and asks him to keep Khushboo until the release of Vasu. He comes home and finds Khushboo in the dress which she wore when she was brought in. She speaks of leaving from there so as to not give him more burden but he asks her to not worry and can stay until she wants. He also asks her to not wear that dress since he doesn’t like it. She smiles on that note and speaks of liking to hear stories and wants to listen from him. He agrees for it.

They spend more time together [Jaise Mile Ajnabee.. Hum Phir Se Chale..To Kya Hua.. song plays] and she looks at him with earnest eyes and both share eyelocks. She smiles looking at him and he shows care to her and then backs off. Later, he brings some new dresses for her and she is happy. Meiyang (the host) speaks that Aman have become a friend with Khushboo unlike his initial stance of being worried. Khushboo was also hoping for a new life and they were living in present. Khushboo was getting dependent on him but their worries was not going to stop soon.

Aman’s landlord came to see him and also the home. He asks Aman on learning that he is staying with a girl and he doesn’t like it. Aman replies that actually he is staying with his wife and calls Khushboo. She comes dressed in her kurti and greets the landlord. The landlord apologizes to Aman for being mistaken and leaves. While Aman is relieved but she asks how he called her as his wife. She asks what-if the landlord comes again and from where he will bring a wife. He reveals about his GF to Khushboo and also informs that she works with a NGO and very soon they will marry. Khushboo becomes quiet and bit sad and speaks that there are some girls who are fortunate to get married but they are also some whose rights are taken away. Later, he meets Prachi and reads her Thesis. He says its not related to reality and she speaks that many girls are brought from those centres but again they are forced to return there. Aman asks why she is not stopping their return there. He says that the responsibility is not to take them out but also to give them courage. She asks why he is defending those girls. He then suggests of seeing those things and she asks what is he referring to and wants to know ? Aman becomes quiet and then opens-up about Khushboo staying in his home since many days. He shares how Vasu forced him to keep her in his home.

Prachi becomes angry with Aman and makes a taunt at him and asks whether he thought to become great by sharing about Khushboo. He speaks of sharing the truth since he believes trust is the most important element in relationship and also speaks of loving her. But prachi doesn’t listen to him and suggests that he loves her but have stayed with Khushboo and even calls her a prostitute. She becomes more upset and asks how come she can marry such a person. He reminds her that she does research and work on stories but doesn’t care about people’s life, emotions and their suffering. He calls her selfish who is just concerned about her progress. He ends the relationship with her and says that the girl’s name is Khushboo and she is not a prostitute. Aman comes to his home and finds Khushboo cleaning the home and arranging all the things since he is going to get married. He speaks that there is no marriage and informs that Prachi have reacted very badly when he spoke the truth. Khushboo speaks that she loves someone who feels he is not loved. She thinks all the things are happening because of her and thus will leave next day. He doesn’t look at her and says that she can leave and doesn’t affect him in anyway. Khushboo looks at him with teary face [Behad Kardi Najani Dil Ki Marzi… Bedardi Samjha Na..tune plays]. She is about to leave his home while he is sleeping at his desk and turns back to look at the home. She finds Vasu outside who catches her and she shouts.

Aman hears it and comes to her rescue. Vasu asks who is she for him ? He replies like her wife. Meanwhile, Aman’s landlord sees Vasu and his men thrashing him and calls police. The police comes to arrest Vasu & men while Aman is attended by Khushboo. She asks whether he is fine and he says yes and they look at each other. Aman suggests to Khushboo that she was asking for her rights to love and marriage and then reminds her that his relationship with Prachi was not a match. He says that they are perfect for each other and proposes her whether she wants to marry. She showers a hug to him and smiles with tears in her eyes. The story ends on that happy note. [PTKK title song plays]

Meiyang speaks that Aman and Khushboo never thought they will meet and moreover will fall in love. But it happened since life is unpredictable. Aman realized that he haven’t understood Prachi well. Meiyang speaks that every relationship’s foundation is trust and truth and rest will follow. Aman have initially showed mercy and compassion to her but it changed into love later. Their love story proved that love means no boundaries – caste, religion doesn’t matter and refers love as a religion itself. Meiyang signs off by asking the viewers to share their opinion using the hashtag #PTKK on Zing TV’s facebook and Twitter page.

Additional Note:
* We (TellyReviews) believe that Actors have given an amazing performance to a layered, emotional love story which also has a social message. Kudos to Actors, the team, and Zing TV.

Info on Cast:

* Aman is portrayed by actor Parichay Sharma
– Debuted in MTV’s Splitvilla 6.
– Portrayed the role of Abhass Suket Khandelwal in Zee TV’s recently ended show Aur Pyaar Ho Gaya.
– Parichay’s Twitter page

* Khushboo is portrayed by actress Puja Sharma

* Prachi is played by actress Garima Prem

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