Yuvraaj rejects Soumya’s love proposal as he falls in unrealized love for Suhani


soumya in ssel

Soumya has been shamelessly eyeing Yuvraaj, even after knowing he is her best friend’s husband now, and still living in past life frame where Yuvraaj loved her seeing her first sight. She wants to revive those memories with Yuvraaj, forgetting she has eloped to marry her lover Krishna and ended all ties with Krishna by her heart. She has cleaned her heart links and started fresh with pasting Yuvraaj’s pic on her heart walls, just seeing the power that comes with richness. She is in fact in love with Birla’s name and is using Yuvraaj as a bait to catch his luxurious lifestyle and wants to strengthen her roots in Birla house, as she has many brain winkers to support her.. Rags, Menka and the botox-oldie Dadi, who should be giving lecture to young on making and keeping relations, rather than making a fun of marriage, by making Soumya stick to Yuvraaj and kick out his wife Suhani.

Dadi is the mastermind behind Soumya’s actions and after giving her much prompt training, she has allowed Soumya to spread her feathers in her house. Soumya confesses her love to Yuvraaj, as we have written about this earlier. Yuvraaj and Suhani are stunned hearing the strange thing, and think it was for Krishna, but Soumya’s lustrous glare for money in her eyes, make her speak once again to Yuvraaj that she really loves him and asks for him to answer. Whenever Dadi was proving to Soumya that Yuvraaj cares for her, it was Suhani for whom he mended his ways and both super clever ladies fell in the misunderstanding pit. Yuvraaj and Suhani’s love has initiated like ‘Haule Haule Hojayega Pyaar’.


yuvraaj and suhani

Though Suhani has realized it and is giving plenty time to Yuvraaj to take a step forward towards her, she is also determined to confess her feelings to him. Well, the true love triumphs over anything, and Yuvraaj also falls for Suhani, though he did not realize it till now. Sharad’s constant push to Yuvraaj towards Suhani and his Love Guru tips finally works, as Yuvraaj senses he has grown feelings for Suhani, which are genuine, unbiased, correlated from heart and much higher than superficial beauty evaluation. He becomes conscious about Suhani’s importance in his life and gets sure about it.


Yuvraaj takes a step asking Soumya to leave his life and Birla House, and just stay far from him and Suhani, having known if she can cheat her childhood friend, then he is nothing for her. He rejects her love proposal right away without any second thinking. Soumya gets a big rejection shock and asks Yuvraaj whether he loves Suhani. Yuvraaj accepts his love for Suhani and asks Soumya to leave them alone and make her marriage right with Krishna. Soumya rages and refuses to leave Birla House, as Dadi supports her once again. Dadi promises Soumya that she will make Suhhani leave the house, but they both make efforts and pressurize Yuvraaj to tell Suhani about his first love for Soumya, and see whether Suhani would be able to accept this truth and still love him with fair respect. Yuvraaj gets tensed to say his love for Soumya and marriage by Pankaj’s blackmail truth to Suhani, as he starts fearing to lose Suhani. Dadi decides to use this opportunity and fill Suhani’s ears with the bitter truth of Yuvraaj’s compromise and unhappiness in marrying her. What will be Suhani’s reaction knowing about the truth? Will Yuvraaj’s love act strong and pillar Suhani’s trust? Keep reading.


  1. Finally, Yuvraj sees that Suhani is only and Souyma is evil. Now the next hurdle will the truth behind Yuvraj’s and Suhani’s marriage ….this will either make of beak their marriage!!

  2. Thank God! Finally the viewers will to get to see something they’ve been demanding for a long time. I had almost given up on this show and had stopped watching it after it became all negative ..

    This will be a fresh start for the show and I hope the show picks up from here. Please for God’s sake, do not start negative plotting tracks all over again. After Suhani knows the truth, please allow Yuvani to sort out their differences like mature adults, in a beautiful way.

    The evil foursome plots and tracks had gone too far. Suhani getting Dadi’s, Rags and Menakas approval itself is challenging. Let Suhani work for their approval – there is absolutely no reason for these evil trio to do evil things against Suhani and stress out viewers. Whatever negativity required for the show must be directed toward the evil trio not approving Suhani. I hope the producers of the show understand the difference. Too much negativity, stupid evil plans and disrespect shown toward the main lead make viewers want to run away from the show.

    We viewers are watching these shows to unwind from a stressful day. Please don’t ruin our day by showing unrealistic, negative, stressful bad things being done to the main lead . Suhani will be sad after knowing the truth, so please don’t have the evil trio do more bad things to her at this time. All those old plots were extremely cheap and done in bad taste. Please NO MORE cheap, evil plots.

    I am looking forward to this beautiful fresh track. This will be a new beginning for the show and I wish you good TRPs.

  3. aren’t they basically finished then ?
    cos the love triangle is kind of over so what do you think they’re going to do after yuvraj tells suhani the truth

  4. ‘…botox-oldie Dadi, who should be giving lecture to young on making and keeping relations, rather than making a fun of marriage, by making Soumya stick to Yuvraaj and kick out his wife Suhani.’
    Lol this made me laugh but it’s actually true dadi is a shameless, disgusting grandmother for trying to break up his grandsons beautiful marriage with Suhani. Seeing the way she treats Suhani disgusts me and makes me cringe in every episode. Nevertheless Suhani is patient and gives her due respect regardless. I hope this spoiler is right I hope they grow stronger and confess already!

  5. thank god yuvraaj ne accept kar liya ki vo suhanni ko like karta hai bas abjaldi yea sab tv pe kab aayega iam waiting………………..


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