Halla Bol 2 7th Episode on 11th January 2015, Neena's Fight for Respect & Justice on Bindass TV – Written Update


Halla Bol Season 2 on Bindass with Karan Tacker, Neena's fightback

Karan Tacker (the host) speaks about finding sexual harassment and abuse cases against women in all newspapers and news and also reminds that we live in a country where women are also considered as deities but why don’t give women the support and instead try to give reasons on why such incidents happen with them. Today’s story is of a rape survivor who did Halla Bol and have succeeded in society.

The story is about Neena and her father speaks with Mr. Khanna on phone and also requests him dearly. But he doesn’t get favorable response and informs his wife that Khanna has broken relationship with them. His wife reminds him on telling to close the matter and he replies how come he can close the matter and speaks of their daughter’s situation. She reminds how he took Neena to the police station and filed a FIR case. She asks whether he got justice since still their daughter is in trauma. There was only way to overcome that incident which was her marriage and since he went to police Neena lost her respect. She cries and worries about her daughter. Neena in her room remembers how her wedding date was planned by his father and Mr. Khanna – the groom’s father. She was happy at that time and also gets reminded of her rape. She gets haunted by those moments and cries. After some time, she gets composure, swipes her tears and throws away the engagement ring. Next day, she gets ready for work and wants to go and is told by her mom that she doesn’t need to go. Her mom suggests their home and livelihood is going fine and she speaks of working not for money but also for love and passion. She tries to convince her mother but in vain. Her father speaks of getting a call from lawyer Srivatsav and then learns his daughter has called him. She is being told to forget the matter for some days and her brother asks his mom to let his sisters go outside and work.


In a teary voice, she asks her father what is her mistake. She urges them dearly and looks at her parents & brother for support. Finally, she runs from there and is dropped by her brother to the work place – hotel. She looks at the staff who asks how Neena came after having gone through so much. She reminisces about the man Dharmesh who raped her and how he looked at her initially when she was speaking with a staff member. He took drinks and when she was going on the floor where his room is located he interrupted her and asks her to open his door on the pretext that it is not opening. She agreed to help him and soon he forcibly took her inside the room and raped her. Neena comes back to present and goes to the restroom and cries profusely while looking in the mirror. She freshens up and gets composure and goes to her desk and some staff looks at her. Soon, she is being called by General manager and she goes to meet him. He supports her and suggests that the incident shouldn’t have happened. She informs him of coming there to start fresh and he speaks that she needs rest and soon she learns of getting fired. He speaks of reputation in his hotel industry and also the media will follow her news and says she cannot work there and also gives an apology. Neena goes out and recollects her boss statements about reputation, media and management doesn’t want to get into troubles.

Karan (the host) speaks that self-respect is very important for us and sometimes we doesn’t care about other people’s aspirations and dreams. There are some people who tries to keep distance with you. Karan asks the victim gets taunts instead of support and he says the victim is us and not the girl and if we don’t change our thinking then there will be one day when there will be no difference between us and criminals.

At Neena’s home, Dharmesh’s parents came there and Dharmesh was the one who raped Neena. Neena’s dad allows them to enter his home. Dharmesh’s dad apologizes to her father and speaks that his son is in jail since 20 days. Her dad asks by saying sorry whether his daughter’s situation would change. Dharmesh’s mom speaks of understanding. She suggests that if Dharmesh gets punished but still there will be taunts on Neena. They suggests on Neena and Dharmesh marriage and his mom suggests of saying so since she is a women and also reminds who will marry Neena. She suggests Dharmesh will take the responsibility and if someone asks then they will suggests both Dharmesh and Neena were in relationship before and had misunderstanding. Her father declines to accept his proposal and then Dharmesh’s mom becomes annoyed and speaks of knowing what young girls with small clothes does in hotels. Meanwhile, Neena also comes there and gets angry when she listens it. His mom suggests that her son was drunk and not conscious and thinks that their daughter is not so clean as well and thus marriage is apt. Neena comes to her room and cries after recollecting Dharmesh’s mom taunts. She breaks the glass in her room and cries. Her parents and brother comes to support her and her mom consolidates. She asks her father how he has allowed those people and they were discussing about her marriage. She asks why he has listened to them and also asks whether he is ashamed of her. She cries and speaks of getting raped and asks whether she doesn’t have the right to lead a normal life. She suggests if her family is ashamed of her then she agrees to get married with Dharmesh. Her dad comes and consoles and speaks of his pain when people make taunts at her. She asks whether he wants to see her staying in home and speaks of filing a case to get justice. Dharmesh has exploited her and even snatched away her identity of Neena. She speaks of fighting and asks her parents to support otherwise how would she face the world. She gets support from her family and she thanks her father.

Karan (the host) says the sexual assault is a serious topic and we should help the victim and say the life doesn’t stop.

Neena comes to the court and the media asks her that Dharmesh’s dad spoke that she asks for 20 lakhs for out of court settlement. She sees Dharmesh coming there and calls the media that Dharmesh should be feeling shameful. The media persons asks why she went to Dharmesh’s room and why she stayed late night and other question was whether she had a relationship with Dharmesh before. In a defiant tone, she informs the media of being Neena Verma and not a victim of Rosaline hotel. She used to work there and Dharmesh Desai has raped her and she objected forcibly but in vain. She was the best employee of the hotel and also a hotel management graduate but was fired because of hotel’s reputation at stake. She was going to get engaged but her relationship was broken and even her to be fiance didn’t even called her since he was worried about his respect. Moreover, Dharmesh’s parents came to her home suggesting that she can marry him so the matter can be closed. Everyone wants to close the matter and asks why it will close ? She asks why to cover her face and reminds on knowing how much a girl goes through but why she needs to feel shameful and what mistake/wrong she has done. Her parents are getting taunts and asks why the boy’s family is not questioned and he can do anything and things are normal. She speaks that the girl’s life is difficult because there are many people in society who make taunts at the girl. The society who made the rule, media should feel shame and the boy’s parents. She tells the media that her name is Neena Verma and not a hotel’s victim and she doesn’t carry any shame and suggests to media it depends on them to publish her name or not. The media becomes quiet and Neena leaves from there with her family. The court gives a punishment to Dharmesh Desai for 20 years and fine for 10 yrs and he is convicted under section 375 of IPC. After the judgement as he was taken away, she slaps him [Halla Bol tune plays]. Neena gets her job at the hotel with respect. The story ends on that happy note.

Karan speaks that we do have have self-control and Neena’s fightback story reminded that one incident cannot stop the life and our strength will help us in overcoming it. A guest on the show who is a rape victim speaks on how the society make taunts and suggested her to forget. She suggests that fighting for justice and rights are important and she did it since girls are not lesser than anyone. Karan says that Neena live her life and have challenged people’s mindset and succeeded. Karan signs off by asking the girls to have dreams since they are not lesser than anyone [Ladkiyan Kam Nahi in hindi].

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