Shlok and Astha to find Indrajeet’s motives and past links in Iss Pyaar…; IPKKND2 shifts to new time slot – 5:30 PM



There lies some mystery as Indrajeet’s family members still have their entry in the show. Ahilya talks about the connection with Niranjan. She acts so annoyed that she gets the house washed for purity, and shows her hatred for Niranjan and his family. She makes sure that Niranjan and his sons suffer as she has suffered. The lady looks powerful, but all the credit goes to Indrajeet who has fulfilled her revenge But still there are some unclear links in the show, which has to be explored. Shlok and Astha see Indrajeet and decide to know everything about him, and what revenge and hatred motives he had for Niranjan that made him ruin their family. Ahilya misses to see Shlok and Astha, and it gives them a chance to plan against Indrajeet and meet him in disguise.

Varad apologizes to Niranjan, and the Agnihotri family has once again reunited completely, to start a war against Indrajeet. They start reaching some weak points in Indrajeet’s contacts. Shlok loses his patience seeing a servant throwing Agnihotri family pics in bin. He yells on him and starts beating him. Indrajeet’s kids are shown very stubborn and Ahilya fails to give them good values, and spoils them even more. With Indrajeet’s relatives eyeing his property, will they be of help to Shlok, as they are quiet jealous seeing Ahilya rule the house. With the show progressing interestingly with the new family entry, we hope Shlok finds out about Indrajeet’s bitter past and righteous revenge on Niranjan, and end the differences. Shlok and Astha keep their real identities hidden and join Indrajeet in the business. Ahilya has filled hatred in Indrajeet’s heart, but a question arises, is she true in her revenge, or was Niranjan totally at fault? Keep reading.


* IPKKND2 shifts to new time slot of 5:30 PM from 26th January onwards and there is a repeat of Master Chef India 4 at its original time slot of 6 PM.

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