Soumya’s cheap tactics make Yuvraaj genuinely close to Suhani in Suhani Si…


yuvraaj in suhani si

Soumya is getting more disgraceful day by day, and she has started interfering in Yuvraaj and Suhani’s marital life, and even raised a question on their relation. She made Yuvraaj realize that just caring is not love and he did not notice what Suhani faces in the house, and tries to show Suhani is unhappy with him and he should free Suhani by giving divorce and marry her(Soumya). Yuvraaj is stunned at her behavior and did not expect this as she is hitting hard on Suhani’s back being her best friend. Soumya started playing games to keep Suhani away from Yuvraaj, and getting close to him. But Yuvraaj knows it well to keep her at bay and sticks around Suhani to make Soumya realize she does not deserve him now.

Sharad proves to Yuvraaj about Soumya’s clever plans to come between him and Suhani, and Yuvraaj starts hating Soumya and realizes he was wrong to fall for her beauty. He feels it was his mistake to love Soumya. He recalls Suhani’s words about Beauty without Virtues, versus Virtues without Beauty, and realizes Suhani was right and Virtues are more important than Beauty. He feels Suhani is the one who deserves his love. With Soumya asking him out about keeping Suhani away from him, he decides to end the boundaries between him and Suhani, and makes efforts towards accepting his marriage by heart. He removes the pillow line between him and Suhani, and asks her if she is fine with it. Suhani gets glad that Yuvraaj is ending their distance. While Soumya gets frustrated, and pressurizes Yuvraaj to tell the truth to Suhani, and starts blackmailing him. Yuvraaj starts feeling disgusting and acts rude to Soumya, thereby making way for Suhani in his heart. So, its time to hear more of the ‘Saawre’…. tracks in the show. Will Soumya’s tactics make Yuvraaj and Suhani unite in a strong bond? Keep reading.


  1. I think I absolutely loathe Soumya! She’s extremely selfish and entirely deluded. I really hope Yuvraj begins to see Suhani in a romantic light soon <3


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