Rajat and Anu's love to challenge Minty's decision in Shastri Sisters


minty sareen

Anu calls it quit recalling her promise to Shastri ji. Rajat comes home worriedly and finds out about Minty’s suicide attempt. Minty emotionally blackmails him to leave Anu, stating Anu is not good for him and she can get anyone better than her. Minty tells her hatred for Anu, and she is not being adamant, but its also related to her self esteem that she can’t forget what the Shastri Sisters did with her. Rajat gets overcooked by Minty’s torture and messages Anu to meet him behind the hospital.

Anu gets there and recalls her bad dream of separation with Rajat. She cries on meeting Rajat, and returns the Mangalsutra to him, asking him to forget her and move on, as it will be better for them to end their marriage here at this point. She says she will never forget him and will always love him till her death. She says though she loves him, its her bad fate that she can never marry him. Rajat was hoping to have a remarriage with both the families blessing them, but his dreams break down. Anu tells him about the promise she made to Shastri ji and he respects it, knowing his mum is responsible for this day.

Anu and Rajat part ways and Rajat comes home upset. Sareen and Hari offer financial help for Shastri ji’s treatment, and the daughters refuse to accept it. Rajat tells his family about Anu’s decision to end marriage with him. Minty gets glad and asks Rajat to be away from Anu. Rajat tries helping Shastri ji and Shastri ji refuses to take his help. Shastri ji asks Anu does she doubt on his decision, as he very well knows Anu loves Rajat a lot. He says Rajat is a good person, but he can’t let her be in Minty’s house, when she dislikes her a lot. Minty goes to meet Shastri ji once he comes home, and dramatically apologizes for his state. Shastri ji asks her to leave as there is no relation between them.

Minty looks at Rajat and he does not support her, being rigid and asking her to stop her drama for his sake. He asks her to let Shastri family live peacefully and does not bother them more. Minty realizes Rajat’s love for her is intact, but she lost respect in his eyes. Will Minty change her decision and accept Anu? Keep reading.


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