Marriage Annulment and Consummation Drama in Shastri Sisters


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As Minty proposed the solution of getting a known lawyer for the marriage annulment, Shastri ji got much sure of his decision. He tells his daughters that Minty could not wait even for a day while we are just discussing about my decision of breaking Anu and Rajat’s marriage. He feels sad that Anu’s fate brought pain for her. Minty lies to Rajat about meeting Shastri ji and does not let him know about her annulment planning and shows fake concern for Shastri ji. Rajat visits Shastri ji and comes to know about the marriage annulment. He is shocked and requests Shastri ji not to do so. Shastri ji refuses and says about his mum’s hatred for Anu, and there is no way the marriage can be accepted, if Rajat and Anu don’t have husband and wife’s relation.

Rajat ponders on the fact about the problems his marriage faced, and he could not unite with Anu by the problems cropping up by their parents’ fight suddenly at the Bidaai time. Rajat meets Anu and asks her to consider her decision of breaking the marriage, as he can’t live without her. He asks her to prove their love is strong and can win against all odds, giving her a solution of marriage consummation, after which Minty will not have any option than to accept their marriage. He asks Anu will she agree to do this last try to keep up their marriage? What will be Anu’s reply, should she agree to Rajat or just refuse? Rajat was the one who called up Rohan and compelled him to meet Alka once, to keep up the marriage, knowing their divorce matter. Will Rajat give up hope on his marriage so soon?

Another track in the show will be a love triangle between Anushka, Rajat and a new entry. Anushka will move on life and try to make her own identity, and start working for the family, knowing her dad’s health state. She gets a job and works sincerely, and her boss will fall for her good virtues. Shastri ji gets keen to get Anu married to her, as per the next storyline. Let’s see how the show progresses, and right now Rajat and Anu’s “Saajna” track is on a high roll and loved by many fans. Keep reading, and feel free to discuss the show in comments section below and make your opinion reach out.


  1. Actually hamare kehne storyline badalne wala nahi tho.. kyu keh rahe ho comment plz…
    Actually all r opposite to this seperation nd new entry phir bhi chalta raha..

    • True..chimmi…every1 is against this separation..they will know after reading india forum…many viewers including me are quiting ss because of this separation..they have made fun of marriage..jab chaha shadi kar lo jab chala tod do…nonsense most illogical track..we are seeing separation from past 3months..almost 5big hurdles..I think they are interested in separation only..then wat is the significance of marriage track if they wanted to show divorce and nee entry drama…jo b kehlo karne to vo apne man marzi hi h fir chahe trp kyu na decrease ho episode ka reunion aur 3-5montha ka boring separtion…itna boring track chalaoge to obviously log koi aur show towards turn ho jayenge..just like sapne suhane ladakpan k…keep making it worst …no hopes from cvs

    • Very true. This serial is becoming boring day by day. Few hurdles are o.k. To tolerate but they are sticking on it. It is because of foolish viewers who are liking this stupid drama. There is no sense ka hi papa ki khushi hai, kabhi Behan ki khushi hai,itna family drama tha to Phele pyaar kyun kiya. Tab nahi soocha tha ki papa, aur Behan kya karengi.

  2. Actually uska milna do din episode aur dooriya do teen mahine kyu e sab.. real lif me e sab hota hai kya… k maan lo always kyu point to anuraj only

  3. anu will get new job her boss will falling love with her this that will happen. I don’t want to happen this. I want see anuraj together. If I will not anuraj will be not together I will cry because I like anu and raj

  4. Just dey ask comments but dey didnt understand .. anuraj il unite and hw dey melt mintys heart and how support to shastri family also… how anu il handle both sasural snd mayke … how anu il handle minty s hatrate… dat is main point

  5. Just dey ask comments but dey didnt understand .. anuraj il unite and hw dey melt mintys heart and how support to shastri family also… how anu il handle both sasural snd mayke … how anu il handle minty s hatrate… dat is main point
    Aur ek bath rajat ke shadi tim anu kuch nahi socha right… rajath ki lif imp tha…now no importance nahi hai… kyu ???? family and rajath dono rajath ki do ankhe hai kaise choose kar sakte anu

  6. correct no one is loving dis track plzzz unite anuraj warna d serial will miss anyother viewer………..i loved sajna scenes but now i wont b watching d show after d new entry it wil b going boring nd plzzzzzz for god’s sake no one is loving d track somebody change it plzzzzzzzz

  7. Anu sirf apni papa ke bare me soch rahi h…. rajath ke bare nahi soch rahi hai… uski jaan pati hai na… atleast iss bar maal lo… itna tadap raha hai bechara rajju… par mrs bhajwa ne dipavali ke din kaha tha anu aur rajath ke beech bahut kuch hota hai… furfinally dono shadi karege aur sath bhi rahega… par iss serial bar bar strange aa jata hai kyu???
    Ss nahi lag actuallysaraswatichandra part2 lag raha hai

  8. New entry ki aane do… par wo achcha chracter hona chayiye.. he should help to anuraj atleast feb 14th sab kuch theek kardo cvs plz…..

  9. Wen d fans r nt happy wd d current track den y r dey repeating d same drama again???if dey dnt hv any new drama den put an end to d serial yr…bt v wnt to c anuraj together…atleast smtimes respect d choice of viewers

  10. K… parents first par rajath bhi wo sab chhod raha na… ek bar annu ha keh dijiye rajath ke sath rehne ke liye wo sab kuch theek kar dega… and shastri ji right his place… bt wo jante annu ek bar kisi ka hath tham liya tho jindagi bhar nahi chhodne wali nahi hai… fir uski khushi barbad karne me rahi hai… e sab kuch jyada nahi huwa… annu ki jaan hai rajath… isme kisi ko kuch huwa tho na minty bhar payegi na shastri ji… rajath is very coming episode he il do threted himself…
    Aur anuraj ki dating night only one min light go off par story me dooriya dooriya…

  11. Really mujhe lagta hai viewers ki comments koi maynenahi rakhta hai…. simply they plz cmnt…. again and again we r telling dont seperate dem… k seperate kar diya… fir ek shock shadi ka annulment… annu sign kar diya tho rajath se bhi kara deta kisi ne kisi… kuch kimmat aur riwaz nahi hai shadi ko. We indians always respect shadi and rituals … especiall phere… right… isme shadi ko matlab bhi hi nahi raha… kyu e sab kar raha hai… shastri sisters means wo manta hai all rituals and relations…
    Alka aur rohan ka tim… jaldi nipat gaya problem.. todays episode dey didnt support rajath who helps to dem.. log kehte hai achchyi ka yug nahi hai… sahi hai… itna request karvrahatha fir bhi chale jao… kya matlab…

  12. Another track il jarror ayega… first anu sign kart hsi… fir rajath … sab kuch hone ke bad fir shadi …. itna achcha nahi hoga… rajath mat karo… chaye kuch bhi ho jaye… atlest 14th feb tak unite rajath aur annu plz … after dat atleast v il start watching plz

  13. This is dragging on too late …………!!!!
    Is this what they are teaching us to have fun with marriage
    everything has a purpose
    this show is becoming less popular because of anuraj separation 🙁

  14. Ya true… trp il decreases… actually iss serial ka new nam bata do sslt shastri sisters love triangle or slt stranger love triangle. .. alka rajeev and rohan next divyani rajath annu next kari rajath annu up coming veer rajath annu… four triangle next neil divyani new entry aur peeya neil divyani..right. no dhadiwadi … shadi kare next div…….


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