Soumya to manipulate Yuvraaj by Ankit's entry in Suhani Si…


yuvraaj suhani si

Yuvraaj gets annoyed with Suhani and showers anger on her. He asks her not to disturb him and he refuses to have food. Suhani knows the reason of his anger. Suhani’s childhood friend Ankit makes an entry in the show, and Yuvraaj gets jealous seeing him. Yuvraaj feels Ankit is not a good guy, and Suhani tries explaining that he is a nice guy and she knows him very well. The love triangle gets a new angle with Ankit’s entry in the show. Will Ankit bring Yuvraaj and Suhani closer? Yuvraaj can’t bear to see Suhani with someone else and starts realizing his feelings. He tells Suhani that he does not like Ankit. We hope Ankit sends Soumya away from the love birds.

Ankit holds Suhani’s hand infront of Yuvraaj, which irks him a lot. Ankit is also Soumya’s friend. Looks like he can make or break Suhani’s future. Soumya’s mum wants Soumya to meet Ankit and finalize the proposal. They all meet at Birla House. Suhani cooks his favorite food for him, knowing all his likes and dislikes. Yuvraaj does not like the food and finds it very spicy, as Suhani made it according to Ankit’s choice. His mood spoils seeing Suhani make numerous dishes for Ankit. Suhani serves the food to Ankit before Yuvraaj. Yuvraaj waits for his turn. Suhani makes a diet dish for him. Ankit has good intentions towards them, but Soumya tries manipulating Ankit and Suhani’s friendship. Soumya notices Yuvraaj’s anger and decides to use Ankit in breaking Suhani and Yuvraaj’s marriage, by proving Suhani likes Ankit.


Suhani gels well with her friend, and does not realize what’s Yuvraaj thinking. Ankit is a classy, rich and suave gentleman which makes Yuvraaj feeling jealous. Ankit wins hearts by his talk and Suhani likes his company as a friend. Soumya starts filling Yuvraaj’s ears. Suhani wishes Soumya and Ankit to marry, and makes efforts for this. Will Yuvraaj express his feelings before it gets very late? Will Soumya’s plan to turn blooming love into hatred succeed? Or will she fall for Ankit seeing his rich status? Keep reading.


  1. Please show makers make this entry positive towards suhani & Yuvraj relation pls dont show negative devlopment on their relation

  2. yes… any show that brings torture to leads pair’s life get annoying.. so please don’t bring the torture art drama by separating suhani and yuvraaj.. run this track positively.. i don’t want to see high voltage headache everyday coming back from work… i just want to feel good watching goodness and good things winning..

  3. yes viewers can’t bear the separation of suhani and yuvraj and winning of evilness …director must take it serious otherwise TRP goes down…everyday person coming from work and want some relax don’t give bugbear otherwise no one can watch your show.

  4. dooriya badne se pyaar badtha hai….
    ankit ane se yuvraj ko jealous ho raha hai..
    suhani ko uvraj propose jaldi karega
    ..wt & c


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