Neil, Devyaani and Bobby's love triangle ahead in Shastri Sisters


shastri sisters

Neil has been hurt by Devyaani’s rejection, and his track was taken back seat as the show was focusing on Anushka and Rajat’s annulment. Neil plans to hurt Devyaani by fooling her in love and then dumping her, in order to make her realize how it feels when someone fails in love. Neil asks his friend Bobby to get after Devyaani and befriend her. Bobby at first tries his hand to impress Devyaani. Later on, Bobby starts flirting with Devyaani and sticks around. He then gets closer and teases her, and Neil makes a heroic entry to save Devyaani from Bobby. Neil and Bobby have a fight for Devyaani, and its planned by Neil to fool Devyaani.

He makes an impact on Devyaani as her dreamy hero and acts more caring and loving, by which Devyaani starts falling for Neil. The twist comes as Bobby starts liking Devyaani crazily and stands against Neil who is breaking Devyaani’s heart. Bobby sees Devyaani responding to Neil more, and turns negative. Bobby then tries exposing Neil’s truth to Devyaani, making Devyaani hate Neil knowing his revenge plan. Will Neil realize his big mistake of being revengeful towards his love? Will Devyaani forgive Neil? Keep reading.


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