Suhani finds out Ankit's truth; Suhani and Yuvraaj's romance ahead in Suhani Si…


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Suhani was trying to fix Soumya and Ankit for marriage, and she is shocked knowing Ankit has a girlfriend. Ankit lied to them about his girlfriend’s pregnancy and Suhani gets angry. Suhani meets Ankit’s girlfriend in the restaurant and comes to know everything. The girl tells Suhani how Ankit cheated her and now refusing to marry her after she got pregnant. Suhani gets worried for the girl and decides to make Ankit marry his girlfriend. Soumya gets free from Ankit’s proposal as Suhani stands against it now. She confides in Yuvraaj about Ankit’s truth. Soumya joins hands with Rags and Menka and plans to make Suhani leave the house.


Later on, Suhani and Yuvraaj have a talk about Soumya and he gets pretty annoyed by Soumya’s name. Yuvraaj cares for Suhani which shows his love. He then goes to sleep, asking her to stop thinking much for Soumya. Suhani stares at Yuvraaj while he is sleeping by her side.They both have silence between them, and still depict lots of love. The scene shows their romance as their silence talks. Suhani has confessed her love by her eyes and by her love stare. Soumya’s evil intentions bring Suhani and Yuvraaj closer. Its just his love confession pending, which hopefully will be happening soon. Keep reading.



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