New secrets and shocking revelations in HumSafars


sahir humsafars

There is some mystery and suspense added to the show recently. Sahir saved Arzoo and suffered a bullet injury and rushed to the hospital by Arzoo. Alvira comes there asking Arzoo to take care of herself as she goes out to do some important work. This makes Arzoo thinking what is more important to Alvira than her son’s life, when his son is battling between life and death. The doctor asks her to sign on the operation consent form referring to her as Sahir’s immediate family. Later, Sahir gets discharged and comes home. When Alvira gets a message that her son’s life is in danger she panics and gets concerned for Zaki, without even thinking once that Sahir is her elder son. Arzoo suspects something is unknown and inquires about it. She comes across hospital discharge card in which Sahir’s parents’ name column was left blank. She gets shocked to know that Sahir is an orphan and Kurti Apa confirms that Sahir is indeed an orphan and is related to Chaudhary family through Zeenat. Arzoo gets even more shocked. Kurti Apa continues that Zeenat is Alvira’s daughter and Sahir is related to them because of Zeenat. She gets teary eyed thinking Sahir had been fulfilling all the duties since 7 years. She rushes to her room after hearing the truth. She sees poison bottle lying on the floor and gets suspicious. She checks glucose bottle and sees its changed colour. She sucks the poisonous blood from Sahir’s hand, spits it and gets unconscious risking her life.


Sahir gains consciousness and understands everything, but gets unconscious again. Zaki comes to talk to Sahir and gets doubtful seeing them sleeping closely. He calls the doctor. Meanwhile, the Police officer Vikram comes and insists to take everyone’s finger prints. Everyone get shocked and try to excuse themselves. Arzoo will question Sahir, once they get fine about the hidden secrets. She asks him why he has hidden a big secret from her about his existence. Sahir is surprised to know that Arzoo knows some of his secrets now, but didn’t know all. Alvira is planning something big against Arzoo and Sahir. She showed no concern or soft corner towards Zeenat from the beginning and the makers have made her Zeenat’s mum now. Zeenat is brought home by someone who is not yet revealed . She is also troubling and scaring Arzoo since her arrival with the support of Kurti Apa. She has been blaming Arzoo and calling her inauspicious. In the track ahead, Arzoo will be shocked seeing Zeenat drowning in the swimming pool. She tries to hold her hand, but fails, then she steps down in the pool to save her. The family members come there and blame Arzoo for trying to drown and kill Zeenat, when the water level was not even 5 feet down. It will be shown that Zeenat is standing in the pool in a comatose state but didn’t know how and why she reached there? Sahir too blames Arzoo and this comes as a shock to her. Until now, Sahir is unaware of the person behind the attacks. With much certainty, it would be shown the killer is hired by Alvira to get rid of Sahir in order to get hold of Saiyyara (Sahir’s fashion house). Will Sahir comes to know of Alvira and Kurti Apa’s veiled attacks ? How Sahir and Arzoo steer away from troubles to find happiness and moments of love ? Keep Reading…


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