Ishita wins the mother’s race, upsetting Shagun and Adi in Yeh Hai Mohabbatein



Ishita comes to take part in the mother’s race for Ruhi’s sake. She has convinced Mrs. Bhalla to support her against Shagun and act sweet towards Shagun. Mrs. Bhalla brings Shagun there and asks her to take part from Ruhi’s side. Ishita tells them that she will race as she is Ruhi’s mother. Mrs.Bhalla acts like being annoyed with Ishita for disobeying her. Shagun is satisfied to think Mrs. Bhalla is falling in her trap. Ishita stands in the competition and shocks Shagun. Ishita’s saree look makes Shagun laugh, but Ishita gets a makeover and looks supercool in sports tracksuit. Ruhi hugs Ishita and cheers for Ishita.


The race begins soon and Shagun makes all efforts to fail Ishita. Ishita falls in the race and gets hurt. Everyone encourage her to get up and run. Ishita gains confidence thinking about her aim to give happiness to Ruhi and keep her trust. She gets up and starts running pretty faster than all others. Shagun also makes her best efforts, but Ishita surpasses soon and wins the race. Raman and everyone clap for Ishita. Raman gets angry on Shagun and supports Ishita. He gets surprised and very glad seeing Ishita’s victory. Mrs. Bhalla acts apologetic to Shagun because of Ishita’s victory and Adi’s mood spoiling. Well, Mrs. Bhalla, Ruhi and Ishita will be fooling Shagun this time and hope they make Adi see Shagun’s truth. Keep reading.


  1. Shagun shuld be disqualified for pushing ishita.. Anyways all her atempts to win d race proves abortive.ishita won the rest for best mom.. Truth always win

  2. yeh hai mohabbatein is getting very boring these days.
    now the latest spoiler will again show shagun tricks which raman will believe…its really disgusting…Have stopped watching the show

  3. This is going to be boring right now… always shagun start plays new game… this will never end… shagun didn’t start new life… always bothering ishita… her new game is playing with romi… why the hell that he doesn’t have mind to think about shagun


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