Yuvraaj and Suhani stand united; Soumya goes missing in Suhani Si….



After Ankit’s truth coming out, Soumya starts blaming Suhani for risking her future once again, just to make her leave from Birla House. She accuses Suhani to be insecure that Soumya may take her place in Birla House. While Suhani finds Soumya’s behavior very odd and wants to know the reason, she asks Yuvraaj whether he knows about it. Yuvraaj does not say anything to Suhani, thinking the truth may hurt Suhani. Soumya gets jealous seeing Suhani and Yuvraaj having good understanding between them. She starts creating a rift between them. She tells Yuvraaj that Suhani wants her to make a marriage blunder again just to keep her away, and asks him can he see her in bad marriage again. Yuvraaj gets enough of her criticism for Suhani and gets angry.


He asks Suhani not to interfere in Soumya’s life, let her go anywhere and just end extra friendly ties with her. He knows Suhani’s golden heart to help others and asks Suhani not to push Soumya towards marriage. He just wants to protect Suhani from Soumya, where Soumya feels Yuvraaj’s anger for Suhani is love for her. Suhani gets very upset seeing Soumya changing so much. Yuvraaj sees her sad because of Soumya’s tension. Soumya tries to get closer to Yuvraaj being in her false dreams. He gives Soumya a final word to leave Birla House. Soumya gets raged feeling insulted by his let down and goes away. Suhani does not see Soumya at home and looks for her everywhere. She gets worried as Soumya goes missing. Where did Soumya go, and is this also her new plan to win Yuvraaj? Will Suhani find out Soumya’s evil intentions? Keep reading.



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