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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai:

Akshara gives birth to a baby daughter, and Naksh is troubled as he is sleeping alone in his room, and his baby sister has taken his place. Naitik sends everyone out saying he will take care of the baby. The baby cries a lot and Naitik finds it hard. Naksh says he wants to sleep along with the baby, and sleeps on the folding bed. Akshara sings a lullaby for baby and Naksh recalls Yash’s words that his parents’ love got divided after a sibling came in his life.

Jamai Raja:

Sid meets with an accident, and Roshni gets the job of a nurse. Roshni and Sid meet in the hospital. She does not want to face Sid’s family. Roshni cries seeing Sid injured and lying on the hospital bed. She did not think that her Sid will be infront of her in this state. Sid lies unconscious. Roshni feels hurt seeing his wounds and asks him to wake up. Sid was trying to find her a lot, but at this time he is not able to speak. Before Sid gets conscious and could see her, Roshni recalls is deceive and runs from there. Sid senses her and gets up from the bed. He falls and his family rushes inside. Roshni hides and keeps an eye on Sid.

Balika Vadhu:

Ganga gets kidnapped by the prostitution racket goons. Jagya gets informed about this and looks for her by taking police’s help and runs in the jungle. Another woman Shobha who escaped from the goons, tells Jagya that she will help him, and guides Jagya through the way. He worries for Ganga, whereas Ganga knows the risk of being at the goon’s place. On the other hand, Anoop will be arrested on the charges of illegal import business of stolen antiques. Daddu decides to take Anandi, and family with him to Singapore. The show may take a leap soon.

Maharana Pratap:

Pratap comes to know about Zahir Saka being two men and fooling everyone by using their expert skills of creating illusion and attacking from opposite sides. Pratap turns down help offered by Agham Khan and says he will be fighting with Zahir Saka single handed to be fair enough as the rules of the fight were set before. Zahir and Saka get prepared to fight with Pratap on Night 2 and Pratap wins victoriously. With Jagmal’s move to shoot himself and still act as victim, will Pratap get to know Jagmal’s real intentions? Udai Singh and Rawat ji get proud by Pratap’s victory. Pratap comes home to palace with injured Jagmal and is punished for shooting Dheer Bai, as he has taken the blame on him to save Jagmal. Jagmal and Dheer Bai smile and Ajabde cries knowing Pratap is innocent. Pratap is taken in chains and taken towards the hanging rope. Pratap stands at top and is ready to die. Ajabde shouts Pratap, while Udai Singh looks on quiet thinking of justice over relations.

Meri Aashiqui Tum Se Hi:

RV bails out Ishani, while Manas and Sharman accompany him. RV still looks furious on her for taking all the blame on her and risking herself. Ishani and RV get in the car and leave for home. Ishani expects him to talk to her, but RV stays silent and turns his face away from her. Ishani feels hurt. They reach home and Amba gets irked seeing RV’s care for Ishani once again. She feels RV’s love has resurfaced again and this time she won’t be able to keep Ishani away from him. Manas is in guilt by Ishani’s sacrifice for Disha and comes to know that Disha gave away the diamond to Chirag. RV goes through a emotional breakdown recalling Ishani. Ritika pacifies him as a good friend and asks him to accept that he loves Ishani. RV accepts his feelings for Ishani and his everlasting worry. Sharman sees Ritika and RV close and gets puzzled.

Qubool Hai:

Aahil’s father murder mystery is giving hard time to Tanveer and the servant Suleiman Chacha about to spill the beans about the identity of Tanveer and murder truth. Meanwhile, Tanveer is searching for her lost daughter and can go any extent to hide her truth from Aahil. It so happens she shoots someone who is very close and also cries and it could be connected with her daughter. Sanam and Seher comes to  know that Tanveer is not blind when she saw danger arising from power cables due to lightning and tries to escape from the place. What more Sanam-Seher can do after knowing Tanveer’s truth on blindness ? Will Aahil come to know of her as his father’s murderer?

Satrangi Sasural:

Aarushi and Vihaan’s love is going through love test another time and she is inching closer to impress Vihaan’s moms [Dadi Maa, Geeta Maa] are already impressed with her and on the trail to impress others. Vihaan’s believe that their fate will make them succeed and he wants Aarushi to follow this un-conventional approach since usually the boy has to impress girls’ family. Aarushi believes in Vihaan and working on his plan. However, Girish yet again puts his nose in Aarushi’s efforts. Will Aarushi be able to impress Vihaan’s other mom’s with a mix of ease and difficulty ? Will Vihaan’s Mission Marriage find success soon?

Doli Armaanon Ki:

The duo of Damini and Sandhya want to stall Ishaan and Urmi’s marriage and their efforts to create troubles first with Shaurya backfired. Damini has plotted Ishaan’s cousin brother from Jhansi – Sunder during Haldi and Mehendi ceremony of Urmi. She wants Sunder to act maliciously, cheap and immodest so that Urmi gets Ishaan’s displeasure. Damini little know that Ishaan’s loves Urmi truely and unconditionally and such cheap schemes would not work. Sanaya is aware of Damini’s plotting with Shaurya and wonders on the negative vibes from her. Ishaan and Urmi’s marriage will go on unscathed with attempts to create troubles backfiring. Samrat prepares to come to Urmi’s marriage but doesn’t have any power to create problems in her marriage. What is going on Samrat’s cunning mind during and after Urmi’s marriage ?

Kumkum Bhagya:

Bulbul and Purab get finally engaged while Pragya was kidnapped mistaken to be Bulbul by the corporator. The corporator acted on Aliya and Tanu’s instructions. He takes Pragya to his medical godown and binds her and continues to think her as Bulbul. He opens-up his heart out and shares his feelings on loving Bulbul and talks a lot. Once he uncovers Pragya’s face, he understands his plan failure. Pragya tries to confront him but soon his men get hold of her. Meanwhile, Abhi is on the lookout to rescue Pragya and Aliya at her end informs the corporator to leave Pragya. The question arises, whether the corporator leave Pragya easily after failing in his plan badly or Abhi makes a heroic entry to rescue Pragya. How Abhi and Pragya story progresses post kidnapping drama ?

Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya – Zing TV Episodic:

Actor and Heartthrob Harshad Arora, and actresses Anita Hassanandani and Panchi Bora are part of a special episode of PTKK and the love story plot is loosely based on the movie Devdas with a modern touch. Anita is portraying the role of Pari which is based on Paro, while Panchi dons the role of Chandramukhi. Harshad will be seen in Khatron Ke Khiladi on Colors from tomorrow, Zee TV’s upcoming show.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

LD and Radha’s life continue to go through turbulent times. Radha decides to leave Mathura and doesn’t wish to stay at LD’s home. He tries to warn her of not signing the divorce papers if she leaves and believes that one day Radha will realize his true love and return to him. In the track ahead, it so happens that Radha has sold Dada ji’s Haveli (mansion) by taking LD into her stride under some constraints. Dada ji cries profusely to loose his home and doesn’t wish to leave and LD marks his entry and takes Dada ji away. What’s going on in Radha’s mind, Has she decided to have divorce from LD once and for all ? Will LD be able to realize his love in Radha’s heart ?

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

Shagun is at Iyer house. Mrs. Iyer sees Raman’s credit card statement and worries about the daily expenses big figures. She talks to Ishita about it, and they come to know about Shagun spending Raman’s money. While Ishita does not limit her, Shagun makes it a chance to point on Ishita and her father who is managing accounts of Raman. She cries and tells Raman about Ishita scolding her and limiting her for Adi’s expenses. Raman understands Shagun’s new evil gimmicks and asks her to look after herself, and he will see what he can about her increasing expenses. Raman knows Ishita’s selfless and no-run-after-money attitude and supports her. What will Shagun do next? Will she hurt Mr. Iyer’s self esteem to take revenge on Ishita?


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