Chakor gets blamed for Bhaiya ji's big deceive in Udaan


udaan chakor

Chakor sets high hopes in everyone’s eyes by bringing education in Aazaadgunj, the dream which was impossible to achieve. Bhaiya ji tells Tejaswini about his decision to support the villagers, and she questions him about educating bandhua people. She makes him realize that educating their slaves will make them free from being bandhua, and they will have no control over them. Bhaiya ji ponders over it and decides to play a game with them. Chakor takes all the villagers and their kids to school in morning, to get admission. Bhaiya ji asks Chakor to reach on time to do the admission process of filling forms.

Chakor and the villagers get excited seeing the school gate opening for them. They are asked to bring enough money towards admission fees and get stunned. The villagers ask Chakor about arranging fees and Chakor is clueless as Bhaiya ji did not tell her any such thing. Everyone start blaming Chakor for giving them hope and then breaking it. They all get sad and return home, having no money to pay to school. Chakor meets Baa and tells her everything. Baa goes to confront Bhaiya ji. Tejaswini answers on his behalf and covers Bhaiya ji’s true colors. Baa gets hugely disappointed. Will Chakor see Bhaiya ji’s truth? Keep reading.


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