Chakor counters Bhaiya ji's deceit with defiance via Satyagraha for Right to Education


udaan chakor

Chakor and other children were happy with their own stiched school uniforms and were preparing to go to school. But their happiness got short-lived when Chakor learns of the big deceive from Bhaiya ji. He plays a game of being good and to stop children’s education he makes sure that the school ask fees and knows villagers couldn’t pay it and thus no education. Chakor and other chidren, villagers get the shock and she goes ahead to confront Bhaiya ji. He at first tries to act sweet and speaks of his promise of giving them the go ahead for admission in school but cannot do anything regarding the fees. Meanwhile, Chakor has able support of Shakuntala – Baa who is very much disappointed with Bhaiya ji on his deceit with Chakor.

Amidst such development, Chakor gets courage and defiance to speak-up and takes a firm stand. She decides to go ahead with the Satyagraha [Insistence on Truth] and follow the footsteps of Mahatma Gandhi. She informs Bhaiya ji on being resilient in her Satyagraha and will fast until he accepts the truth and give them their due by their enrollment in school. She chooses to stay outside the school for her movement and gets support from Baa, other children, villagers and her parents. Will Chakor compel Bhaiya ji to change his shrewd stand and give them the right to education without any fees ?

Chakor’s Satyagraha for the Right to Education
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