Naksh feels sidelined by Naira's entry in Yeh Rishta…


naksh yeh rishta

Naksh feels get ignored and acts stubborn. He breaks the camera that took the family photo and that of Naira. Naksh feels insecure after Naira’s entry in their lives. But has got the go-ahead to have a friends party on the occasion of birth of Naira. He gets much glad… Naitik and Akshara celebrate valentine’s day and she greets him with red flowers. He is trying to show on forgetting Valentine’s day but gives a special surprise. He has planned something special for her.

Varsha throws a grand party for valentines, and makes Akshara get a new makeup. Naitik dances with Akshara, along with all the couple of Singhanias and Maheshwaris. He compliments Akshara to look the best even after being mother of two kids. All the couples revive their romance infront of everyone. They play a balloon game and Nandini and Mohit win the round. The valentine’s party is made special by modern games set by Karishma. The dance competition between everyone make Naitik and Akshara show their dancing skills and win the round. Naksh and Yash have a talk about their parents loving the babies more, and Naksh realizes Naira being more loved by the family. Will Naksh realize his parents valuing him the most? Keep reading.


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