Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya 3 Episode 13 13th February 2015 [Valentine's Day] starring Anita, Harshad and Panchi – Written Update


PTKK Valentine's Day Special

The story is set in Uttar Pradesh, 1962 at the onset and two children – Dev and Pari are seen on the swing and talking. He wants to grow fast and speaks of not having interest in studies. He asks whether she will give him a kiss once. She thinks he is having bad things in mind. He tells Pari that she is much older in age but she has lesser intelligence than him. He speaks of doing the same with other girl. She pushes him away and after a while calls his name but he leaves. Later, in the night she thinks Dev will face hard time tomorrow in the class. She goes outside and finds Dev and soon both play on the swing. He speaks of scaring her to get fun and brings some Laddoos for her. Next morning, she threatens to not do his homework if he doesn’t bring Laddoos. Dev fights with a boy and his father speaks of sending him to a boarding school. He meets Pari later in the night and she cries to see him leaving while he speaks of going. He speaks of beating the boy as he misbehaved with her. Pari speaks of not able to live without him and he also speaks the same but has to leave and goes away with earnest eyes looking for her. Pari speaks to herself that Dev will always remain with her since they are one. She misses him. The story moves ahead with a leap of 10 years and Pari is now grown-up and speaks that her Dev is coming tomorrow. She is sitting near a pond with small lamps [Diyas].


Dev comes to his town after completing his boarding studies. [Silsila Yeh Chahat Ka song plays].. Pari runs to see Dev who has arrived. Dev comes and greets his dad and mom. She does his Aarti -Prayers and Pari runs to meet him. Dev is seen with other girl taking her photographs. Pari calls his name and he looks at her while she smiles. After seeing her, he doesn’t give attention and continues to take photographs. He introduces Pari to the girl and talks about his town being boring. Pari speaks that things haven’t changed since childhood like she used to top in studies and now also its the same. She leaves from there and cries outside. He comes and asks whether she is waiting for the fool who used to pass in exams because of her during childhood. She thinks he is a big guy and also his habits have changed and wants to leave since things have changed. Dev speaks of coming after so many years. She doesn’t look at him and spoke of writing so many letters but he didn’t reply. He cites about his college work and was busy in Mumbai. She accepts on waiting for him and calls it as the biggest mistake. He suggests that she has changed from childhood to present. Moreover, she is much more beautiful than he imagined and cannot believe. She speaks of hearing that he doesn’t want to come. He replies on coming for her. He reminds that 10 years ago he has asked her something reminding of the kiss. She smiles and leaves from there. Dev and Pari spend time together outside and he looks at her earnestly and both drink coconut water [Tum Jo Aaye Zindagi Mein song plays]. He looks at her on more occasions and they spend time together on the swing in night..He tries to shower some kiss and she becomes shy. Later, on their way back Dev’s car have a problem.

He speaks of seeing something and also learnt new perspective in Mumbai and also has fallen in love with photography. He takes out an alcohol bottle and asks her to drink. She speaks of not trying since she is happy with her traditional setting. He drinks alcohol and speaks of his father wanting him to continue family’s business. He speaks of wanting to go to Mumbai and will do something. He also asks her to come with him. As she was hugging Dev, her father comes near the car and shouts at her. Pari gets scolded by her father and he speaks of finding proposals for her. Dev’s father at his end asks him to stay far from Pari. He tells him on finding the girl and after some suspense reveals Pari’s name and soon they will be married. Dev’s dad asks him why he haven’t told him before. Dev gets shocked and speaks of going back to Mumbai for photography exhibition. His father asks him to run the shop after marriage and wants Dev’s marriage with Pari the same week. Later, Pari comes to hug Dev and speaks of feeling that she will not see him but his father has made her happy. She asks whether he is not happy. He speaks that marriage is fine but will not work at the shop. He speaks of his interest in photography and wants to focus on his career and wants to live his life on his own terms. He asks her to think on what she will feel if people referred to her as photographer’s wife. In a teary voice, she speaks of being his wife and staying with him and suggests he can have his career after marriage. He thinks she is saying right and their engagement ceremony takes place. With some hesitation, he completes his engagement ceremony. Later, pari recollects her engagement ceremony and smiles. Meanwhile, Dev packs his bag and is about to leave to Mumbai. He writes down a letter of going to Mumbai for photography assignment and doesn’t want to leave the job. He asks her to understand and soon will be be back in few days. Dev’s father comes to his room and finds the letter for Pari. Dev’s father informs Pari’s parents about him having left. He speaks of having one solution while Pari is much distraught.

Later, after some days Dev comes back to his town and learns that pari is getting married. He gets shocked and thinks Pari is taking revenge. His mother reminds on how he went away leaving behind Pari. She asks him to not create any scene but Dev is no mood to keep quiet. He slaps some men and speaks of Pari’s marriage and goes to her room. He asks whether she cannot wait as he was coming back. He suggests that she loves him but is going to marry someone else. He speaks of leaving behind a letter and thought she will manage things. She thinks he has made fun of her life and it was easy for him to leave her and go and is not aware of the letter. She suggests everything is true and he asks whether she is going to reject their love. She speaks that career matters him the most and speaks of not trusting him once more, She thinks he was selfish and only she loved. He replies on doing things and tries to convince her. He holds her and speaks of knowing that she is angry and asks her to come with him. She speaks hat Suman  – the bride will keep her happy and asks what he has done in his life. He slaps her as she again reiterates that he haven’t love her. Soon, Dev is taken away by some men and they threaten him to leave. [Mahi ve.. tune plays]. Dev tries to get composure and tries to get smile. He burns down the swing.

He comes back to Bombay and the year is 1972. He is drunk and his friend Ajju speaks of showing him another Pari. Dev is taken to some dance bar where Chandni is giving a dance performance with other girls. [Yeh Kiski Hai Aahat song plays]. He sits down there and drinks alcohol while she tries to come close to him. He shrugs her away asking her to stay away otherwise she will get burnt. His friend Ajju talks to Chandni and she speaks of taking care of Dev. Dev speaks of not having money and she replies on being in business but understands his problem. Next morning, he wakes up and she brings tea/coffee and asks what does he need. She also talks that he can get intoxicated with her eyes. He wonders on how he has stayed last night. She speaks of distance being there and it happened to her for the first time. She also tells him that he needs to go to work at 10 am. He doesn’t want to go but she talks about how will he get money and buy alcohol. On that note, he decides to leave to work and thanks for staying at her place. She finds a gold ring on his finger and he replies it is invaluable and priceless. She speaks on how she was deceived in her love. He asks whether she is just giving a reason or is under force. She gets bit annnoyed and asks him to leave. Later, in the night Dev comes to Chandni’s place and she makes taunt at him and asks his friend to not bring him here. He confronts her and holds her tightly and is about to kiss but stops. She tells him he will not do since he loves Pari. She suggests him to go to Pari and speaks of not coming close to him though she works there.

Pari is seen with her husband Suman and he asks why she is not eating food. She speaks of not feeling hungry and leaves. He comes to the room and she tries to sleep after seeing hm and he then leaves. She reminsces childhood moments shared with Dev and also their grown-up moments before their engagement and also his slap when she was getting married to Suman [Had Se Behad Kardi.. Na Jaane Dil Ki Marzi song tune plays]. Meanwhile, Dev comes to Chandni’s place another time and she asks what is his thinking for future. He replies on not thinking for future. She speaks of her want to change herself and also wear new dresses. He asks her to leave her work and she replies on needing money to support herself. Later, he comes to apologize to her and brings a dress for her so that she can look like Madhubala. She calls it very beautiful and wears it. He takes her photographs in that dress while also having drinks. She happily give poses with oomph and grace. Pari again recollects Dev while sitting on the swing. She remembers Dev complimenting on her beauty and also his humorous actions and care. Suman sees her and she again tries to evade him. He asks why she tries to leave and asks whether he cannot speak. She admits he is her husband but he cannot apply force. Chandni thanks Dev for the photographs and asks him to not drink much since he already drank 3 bottles. She thinks Pari will be sad wherever she is present and thinks as he is unhappy she will also be the same. He speaks of wanting to see Pari happy and Chandni asks him to not give pain to himself and thinks Pari will get fine. He compliments her and says if he didn’t have problem with Pari then he wouldn’t have met her. She speaks that if his love is true then God will forgive him. On that note, he start emitting (vomit) blood and she takes care of him.

Next morning, Dev calls his father who asks him to come back and speaks of his mom waiting for him dearly. He then speaks of also remembering his parents and laments. His father blames himself and speaks of not understanding Pari and him. He asks Dev to come back but he asks him to forgive since he has came much far. Dev cuts the call and starts drinking but Ajju asks him to stop otherwise he will die. Ajju speaks that Chandni loves him and he replies on only being friend with her. Dev talks about not having space for any other girl in his life. Pari came to meet her mom alongwith Suman. She learns that Dev’s mom is very ill and then asks her mom about Dev. Her mom thinks that she needs to forget Dev and the old matter. Suman overhears their conversation. Pari cries on her mom’s shoulders. Suman reaches Mumbai and comes to Chandni’s place and finds Dev in very bad health condition. He asks Chandni about Dev’s health. She makes taunt at him after he introduces himself as Dev’s friend. She speaks that Dev got Pari but suggests that Pari can only come in dreams. Pari has married someone else and Dev came there. She is much worried about him and Dev is under the influence of alcohol and even doctor suggests there can’t be any improvement in his health. Suman leaves. Dev comes to meet Chandni and asks about the person who was there a while back. Suman on his way thinks Pari has done the wrong thing with him. Chandni at her end is told to travel to Dubai with someone who is interested in her. The lady pressurizes her and calls Dev as drunkard fellow and asks Chandni why she is behaving in such a way. She tells her to give 50,000 Rupees and only then she can decide by herself. Chandni feels helpess and cries. Suman comes to meet Pari at his home and he speaks of going to Bombay for some work and asks her to come with him. She speaks of not having interest. He then asks her to accept his travel plan and he will not ask her another time.

Dev drinks more and speaks of Ajju saying correctly and thinks to not meet Chandni regularly and will meet her once to inform that they are going to meet for the last time. Chandni at her place is packing her bags and looks at photos of her captured by Dev and cries profusely. Pari and Suman are on the way to reach Dev. Dev comes to Chandni’s place and the lady speaks of selling off Chandni for 50,000 rupees. He speaks that Chandni will go with him and the lady asks him for money. He gives her the ring and speaks that its worth is more than 50,000. The lady frees Chandni and then makes taunt at her by suggesting that Dev is going to leave her soon. Chandni looks at Dev with sincere eyes and asks him why he has given his only signatiure item which gets him reminded of Pari. He speaks of living his remaining life with Pari’s memories. Suman and Pari reach Dev’s place and she finds him with Chandni in deteriorating health condition. She tries to run from there but Suman stops her. He speaks of knowing that she still loves Dev and he also talks about why he did marriage with her for his daughter’s sake. After meeting her, he became more alone and asks what is the importance of such relationship. He thinks she is incomplete without Dev and suggests that the mistake was done by both. She begins to cry and speaks of breaking the relationship with Dev. He reminds that love is still intact and asks her to go to Dev who is in a very bad shape. Dev recollects his childhood memories with Pari, grown-up moments and their breakup. He gets vomitting with blood and shouts Pari. Pari comes running and he gets glad to see her. Chandni speaks to Pari that she remains in his soul and the reason for his smile. Pari cries to see Dev’s condition and he speaks of trying to be fine and is happy to know that she haven’t forgotten. She speaks of loving him and know that he has left her. She speaks of not loving her husband. Chandni informs Pari that Dev loves her a lot. Pari thinks she arrived very late but Chandni replies that first love cannot be forgotten and talks that Dev was not impressed with her beauty and asks Pari to work in saving Dev the one who loves her dearly. Dev asks whether she has left her husband. She talks about coming to him after leaving all to again reconnect. Chandni smiles to see them together. The story ends on that happy note.

Info On Cast:
* Dev is portrayed by actor and heartthrob – Harshad Arora
– Harshad’s Twitter page

* Pari is portrayed by actress Anita Hassanandani
– Anita’s Twitter page

* Chandni’s potrayal by actress and model Panchi Bora
– Panchi’s Twitter and Instagram Page.

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