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Ranvir has been disliking Ishani by his misunderstanding, but now things have changed between them. Their relation has become strong and Ranvir lifts her and takes the marriage vows again. The couple has mutual love confession for the first time. Its just love for them now. Ranvir promises Ishani of his forever love. Amba and Ishani’s Dadi come there and shout Ishani and Ranvir. Ranvir drops Ishani and they both start fighting infront of the elders. They dramatize their fight and leave from the house signing each other.

Itna Karo Na Mujhe Pyaar:

There will be a romantic sequence between Neil and Ragini. She passes across the taps and water shower starts. She gets drenched and slips. Neil comes to her rescue and holds her. He takes care of her, and lends his coat to cover her. Neil and Ragini’s distance will be soon ending and Neil will be showing her genuine feelings for her.

Nisha Aur Uske Cousins:

After Nisha and Kabir get a surprise package in the form of a little angel, they both spend time together to take care of the girl. Kabir in his flirty way hangs around Nisha. Nisha feels some goons has come to kidnap the girl and mistakenly beats up Kabir. It’s a funny scene.

Maharana Pratap:

Udai Singh has given death sentence to Pratap much before, but with the truth of Jagmal being the culprit, Udai Singh beats him with hunter infront of everyone. Udai Singh is shell shocked knowing Pratap was protecting Jagmal and has taken the blame on his head. Pratap has come out clean of all crimes, and the entire Mewar watches the bad punishment for Jagmal.

Mere Rang Mein Rangne Wali:

Dada ji was stunned knowing LD’s decision to leave his family and go with Radha. Radha feels bad by LD’s sacrifice for her and decides to send him back to his home. Dada ji gives another chance to Radha and the couple happily comes back. Radha is back in LD’s house. She gets a new task to make some dishes she knows to cook well, but the twist comes as the power goes and she finds it tough. Radha uses the mobile torch and LD joins to help her, and brings candles to provide some light. Jayshree again pops up to create some troubles for Radha.

Shastri Sisters:

Sareen and Shastri ji have a talk about Anu’s secure future and Shastri ji tells him that he does not find Veer to be a good match for Anu. Veer comes in the mandap and Sareen tells him about Shastri ji’s decision. Veer makes Shastri ji more firm in his decision and the latter places the groom flower sehra on Rajat. Veer gets glad to unite Rajat and Anu. Shastri ji and Sareen make Rajat and Anu remarry.


With Arjun backing off from Everest summit, Abhiyankar thinks there will be no summit without Arjun. This turn of events has certainly spoiled Ramesh’s plan of stealing the sarpech from Everest peak using Arjun and paying off his debts to save Century Corps. On Abhiyankar’s front, he is battling some infection and taking medication and only Chand knows his condition well. Aakash meets the team with oxygen cylinders and it has to be seen Arjun remains firm on his stand.


Chakor does the Shiv puja and prays for her dream to come true of getting education for the village kids. Chakor and Vivaan do the puja. She wants the Lord to support her and Ranjana uses Vivaan against Bhaiya ji. Ranjana unlocks Vivaan and sends him to Chakor. Baa joins Chakor and this gives strength to the villagers to support Chakor in her Satyagraha.


Ahilya/Thakur Maa starts giving personal responsibilities of Indrajeet to Astha and is glad seeing her do all the work well with honesty. She thinks Astha/Sapna will be a good match for Indrajeet. Shlok saves Mishti from a big road accident which was happening by Shantanu’s mischief. Shantanu realizes his mistake and thanks Shlok/Ballu. The kids show a great change in their behavior and Shlok impresses Indrajeet and Ahilya. Astha tries finding clues about Kavita and their relation with Agnihotri’s.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein:

A Sorry episode will be next in the show. Raman apologizes to Ishita holding his ears and says sorry ten times and even then she stays annoyed. Raman gives an explanation. Ishita says he has to apologize more. Ruhi sees Ishita crying and asks her the reason. Ishita hides her tears and Ruhi still understands something happened and asks did Raman say anything. Ishita denies and Ruhi goes to ask Raman. Ishita cries as she wanted to talk to Raman, and he bursts out his anger on her. Ruhi gets Raman to apologize to Ishita. As he continues ahead, she smiles and stops him. There will be some sweet moments between the couple. While he gets romantic, she finds an excuse and goes away.

Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:

Nandini and Manik found themselves at crossroads as he believes she has broken his trust and didn’t have faith in him. He lost hope and suggests of never forgiving her and prefers to be dark as the new good. Fab 5 is strengthened with Dhruv and Aaliya are back together and the challenge ahead for them is to prove Manik’s innocence and find the truth about Soha’s condition – 60 % third degree burns. For Nandini, she needs to introspect on her mistake by understanding about Nyonika’s deceit-driven ploy and collecting evidence to protect Manik. Will Fab 5 with some piggyback support from Nandini find a way in securing Manik’s release ?

Jodha Akbar:

There is confession time, marriage announcement, heartbroken moments, king’s ego, queen’s worry – all such events are going on in Jodha Akbar. Salim confesses his heartfelt feelings of love to Anarkali and also apologizes to her. She gets teary eyed and emotional with his truthful stance as he is willing to give up all for her. Akbar at his end is going to announce Salim’s marriage with Maan in parallel with coins coming out with God and his name on both sides and not listening to even Jodha. Later, he gets a big shock after coming to know of Salim-Anarkali’s love and Jodha’s uneventful dream to see Akbar in much fury is inching to come closer to reality. She gets to know of Salim’s fondness for Anarkali and also senses Daniyal to be hiding something regarding Maan Bai. Daniyal feels heartbroken on the thought of losing Maan Bai. However, Jodha faces big worry with many things happening and had earlier prayed that all problems come first to her. What will be Akbar’s response to Salim-Anarkali’s love revelation ?

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Tum Aise Hi Rehna:

Ria is not understood well by Abhi and her in-laws family with Aanchal continues to create havoc in her life. The leads which prove the truth about Aanchal’s presence are eliminated by her and everyone think it as superstition and downplays the matter. Ria decides to fight by herself but Aanchal keeps tab on her and stops her from meeting Guru ji. Ria’s believe to strengthen Abhi, her family relationships takes a back seat with accident. Abhi cares for her but not taking seriously the intricacies of Ria’s life for instance Ria sneak out of the house and he comes to know after a while. Will Ria find able support from Abhi in this Aanchal mess which is typecast as her superstition ?



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