Shagun gets slapped by IshRa for raising questions on their unconsummated marriage…


ishra yhm

Mrs. Iyer throws Shagun out and the entire Bhalla family take Shagun outside. Ishita slaps Shagun infront of everyone and shows her real place. She says she did not listen to anyone and brought her to her home, seeing her near the junkyard. She says she has now realized why all elders were warning her that she is caring for a serpent. Shagun gets raged and scolds her saying Raman is not her husband, as he did not even tell her I love you till now, and how can she boast about him if he did not even touch her till now. Shagun asks Ishita about her marriage consummation, and Ishita loses her temper. Shagun gets slapped by her and also raises hand on Ishita, when a silent angry Raman holds her hand. Shagun gets blamed for creating a scene in Rinki’s marriage and Shagun threatens Raman that she will not let him leave happily, and never let him meet Adi. Raman asks Shagun not to show her face again and just go away from their sight.

Mrs. Bhalla’s BP gets high and she cries knowing about Romi’s medical state. Everyone rush her inside the room and take care of her. Mrs. Bhalla worries as Ishita and Raman won’t have a child, as they discussed it before, and no hope from Romi also. She thinks its just Adi who can become her heir, whom Shagun took away from them. Simmi, Ishita and Raman take care of Mrs. Bhalla. Raman pacifies Mrs. Bhalla promising her that he will get Adi back, and even Romi’s child will get his rights in their family. Shagun’s dirty questions on Ishita and Raman’s marriage makes everyone kick Shagun out, without caring if she takes Adi along. Mrs. Iyer brings Shagun’s bags and asks her to take it and just get lost from their lives. Much melodrama in the next track and the catfight will be a definite watch by Ishra’s fans to see Raman and Ishita’s collaborated kick to Shagun. Ishita says Raman is her husband and Shagun can never get him by using Adi. Raman gets into thinking about Shagun’s remarks which has hurt Ishita a lot. Will this start a positive change in IshRa’s marriage leading to their much awaited romance? Shagun thinks this is a new beginning and she will get more worse, and make sure that she uses Adi to hurt Bhalla and Iyer families. She hatches a new plan and lets see if Shagun’s evil plans bring Raman and Ishita closer. Keep reading.



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