Zindagi Wins 3rd Episode 7th March 2015, Pyaar Pe Vaar on Bindass TV – Promo


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Dr. Malvika thinks that the best friend of memories is loneliness and thus decides to send back the gifts [photos] of her past relationship with Dr. Ishaan. Ishaan receives those gifts and meets Malvika the following day at her office. He asks what she wants to prove by sending back his gifts. She suggests as there is no relationship so why to keep those past memories and what she should do with it. Moreover, she asks Ishaan to move on which makes him bit dejected.

Later, Aaliya comes to meet Ishaan at his office quite oblivious of his earlier heartening meeting with Malvika. In her jovial mood, Aaliya asks Ishaan on going out for a dinner and he contemplates for a while and reminsces about Malvika’s words on moving on. He agrees for the dinner and goes to a restaurant with Aaliya and another friend. Malvika is also at the same place on a date with someone and Aaliya’s friend asks her to look at Malvika’s date to find some surprise. Meanwhile, Malvika also finds Ishaan in Aaliya’s company and speaks of feeling pity for him. Ishaan continues to remain quiet at his end since he needs more time to get composure. Will Ishaan gets strength to move on from his past relationship with Malvika ? This episode’s name is Pyaar Pe Vaar [Attack on Love]. Stay tuned to Zindagi Wins this Saturday @ 7 PM on Bindass TV.

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