Chakor steers ahead by winning the right to Education & counters Bhaiya ji with sheer determination 


udaan chakor

Chakor ends the Satyagraga with Baa’s shooting incident. Bhaiya ji is playing his game of being a good guy and gave the go-ahead to Chakor and other children to study in school if they can pay the fees. He gives his words on a paper to Ishwar. Manohar’s truth on trying to kill Chakor on Bhaiya ji’s insistence is out to Baa and Chakor. Also, Ishwar came to know of Manohar’s crime of shooting and how Baa came to defend Chakor’s life. Baa is recovering at the hospital and her mind working well. Ishwar waits for Baa’s conscious state since he wants to take her account on how Manohar actually tried to kill Chakor. He wants to see the guilty facing the law. Chakor wants Imli to go to school but upon insistence she used stones to decide who will go and Chakor’s name comes up.

Chakor gets prepared to go to the school and Ishwar suggests that the children will get enrollment one by one as they can’t afford to pay fees for all. Meanwhile, Baa inches to full recovery at the hospital and Manohar’s earlier threat in attacking Chakor again has boosted her consciousness. She remembers Chakor and calls her name. Chakor goes to meet Baa and shows much care and affection and the doctor’s realize Chakor’s importance in Baa’s life recovery. Baa gets fine with doctors crediting Chakor but Bhaiya ji continues with his indifference towards her. In the track, there is also Chakor’s path to get education is clear. She gets Kasturi’s blessing as she begins to go to school. Chakor knows well about Bhaiya ji’s double-faced truth in how he presents himself but nonetheless goes to meet him to ask for his blessing while giving a shock. He is surprised to know about Chakor’s enrollment since he haven’t paid the fees. Nevertheless, Chakor is excited to go to school and her determination is not going to stop and ready to face any new challenge that come on her way. Keep Reading..



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