Zindagi Wins 4th Episode 14th March 2015, Relationship Status – ‘Complicated’ on Bindass TV – Promo


Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Dr. Ishaan is trying to get composure in his personal life after receiving a blunt message from Malvika asking him to move on and forget their past relationship and memories. Ishaan goes with Aaliya on a dinner cum friendship date and it turns out that Malvika is also there and finds him on a date with Aaliya. Malvika at first without knowing Ishaan as Aaliya’s date wanted to feel pity but once she finds him the feeling of pity turns into somewhat jealousy. Meanwhile, Ishaan and Aaliya’s bonding prospers more as he helps Aaliya by giving a lift after finding her with torn sandals on road. She was asking for a rickshaw but doesn’t got any help.  She goes to sit in Ishaan’s car and reaches their hospital. Upon reaching there, they come to know of a young patient being brought for immediate treatment to his injury.

The young doctor (who candidly spoke to Aaliya for a date) speaks of contacting blood banks since blood and its tranfusion is needed for the patient’s recovery. Malvika and Ishaan handle the case and she finds him wearing the same sports shoes (trainers) the ones which she had gifted him when they were in a relationship. At that time, Ishaan upon receiving them as a gift from her showered much gratitude and was very happy. She gets a question on why Ishaan wore the same shoe as she told him bluntly to move on from their past relationship. Aaliya at her end takes a proactive approach in her doctor’s duties for the injured patient and informs Dr. Sinha and Malvika on the need to have 2 packs of blood and meanwhile they can start the first steps. Dr. Sinha gets glad and gives his approval and even compliments Aaliya.


Later, once the surgery of the patient is successful, Malvika congratulates Aaliya but she replies it is a team effort. Ishaan is also present with Aaliya, and then Malvika congratulates both of them and rudely suggests that they form a great team. On that note, Aaliya and Ishaan are puzzled. Will Malvika come to terms on her relationship status with Ishaan since it was her own blunt decision of asking him to move on ?

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