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Zindagi Wins new show on Bindass TV

Aaliya speaks about awareness and talks about how people remain in denial state and only after becoming a patient you will realize. She speaks on how having a hard time since no one is helping her by giving a lift. Actually, her foot sandal is broken and thus she can’t walk. Sooner then, Ishaan comes and gives her lift in his car. Meanwhile, Malvika is angry with the staff at the hospital as they haven’t kept the books in order and also the sanitizer haven’t been refilled. Soon, she leaves after getting a call. Aaliya at her end with Ishaan in the car asks him about chewing gum, stapler, and tape to fix her sandal. He suggests that she doesn’t need to take her creativity to the surgery thereby making a small taunt at her. She finds a broken Eiffel tower piece and wants to throw it but he tells her to keep it. At the hospital scene, a patient comes there after getting injured and blood is oozing out from him. The patient’s accomplice who brought him there asks Malvika to help. Malvika finds Aaliya with Ishaan arriving there and gets but uncomfortable and remembers Ishaan’s last outing with Aaliya on a date. Malvika gets bit angry on Aaliya for coming late and tells her meet Dr. Rahul who will explain the case. Malvika also speaks to Mariyam on contriolling the bleeding and start the pre-operative procedures for the patient.

Malvika goes to speak with Dr. Sinha that the patient Jai is having severe blood loss and hetero pulmonary rupture. She wants to take Jai to OT quickly. Aaliya comes there and Dr. Sinha informs that she will assist Dr. Malvika. Malvika soon finds Aaliya wearing a sports shoe (trainer) similar to the one which he had given a gift to Ishaan earlier. She meets Aaliya outside Dr. Sinha’s office and inquires about the shoe. Aaliya informs on how she had a problem with her foot sandal and Ishaan gave his spare shoe. Later, Aaliya & Malvika perform the surgery and it goes on well. Mariyam thinks that things are fine as blood transfusion went well. Aaliya finds the lady who brought Jai there blaming herself and wants to see Jai and pleads earnestly. Aaliya  supports her and Mariyam takes the lady Kavita to rest room. Meanwhile, Ishaan attends a patient at the canteen and soon Aaliya comes and informs him that they need a blood transfusion with AB- blood group. She then talks about Jai’s fiance to be in shock and  can get a nervous breakdown and thus he needs to help her. He speaks on not able to help officially but can do unofficially. Jai’s fiance Kavita recollects the moment when Jai was stabbed with broken glass. Soon, Kavita meets Malvika who informs her on Jai needing more blood transfusion and they have controlled his bleeding. Aaliya comes there and Malvika tells her to focus on the patient and get the blood AB- asap.


There is another lady patient’s entry there and she is getting pains due to pregnancy. Aaliya is called by Mariyam to attend that woman patient since she is getting labour pains. Aaliya tells Mariyam to call the lady patient Shikha’s husband since she has got dilution. Meanwhile, Ishaan comes to meet Kavita and introduces himself. However, Kavita doesn’t want to talk to him and he is ok with it. Rahul, the young doctor at his end is seen chatting with his new GF Veronica on his phone. He also informs of not getting response from blood banks. Kavita in some time opens up to Ishaan and blames herself for the attack on Jai. She recollects and informs Ishaan that Jai used to come in front of her home and used to do many rounds and one day her brother has seem him there. Her brother learnt from Jai that he loves her and soon goes to ask his sister. Kavita informs her brother on not knowing Jai. He then goes to confront Jai and in a fit of rage stabs Jai with broken glass many times. The story comes back to present, and Ishaan promises that Jai will be fine and asks her to have control. The police comes there to take Kavita’s statement and Ishaan intervenes and asks them to talk to her later. Kavita only cares for jai and wants one chance. Aaliya comes to her and informs that Jai’s blood group is AB- and it is rare and they are unable to find it. Dr. Rahul calls Surya blood bank and inquires and Kavita is advised by Ishaan and Aaliya on what she can do. She soon spreads the need of blood on social media and urges people to save her love. Ishaan informs Kavita that she has done her work. Soon, the message spreads about Jai and the need of AB- blood for him.

The students in the college get that message and shares the post. A man Sharad also gets a message and it turns out his blood group is AB- and is told by his relative to go and help the needy fellow Jai. One of Jai’s relatives also come to know of his condition of needing blood and the lady relative prepares to help Jai by  donating her blood. Meanwhile, Aaliya is seen speaking to the lady Shikha who gave birth and informs her of bringing the baby soon and thinks Shikha will be much happy. However, Shikha replies there is no happiness now and recollects how her father has insulted first after knowing about her preganancy. She then went to her BF Pranav and later they spent together in a home. But soon they develop fights and he started blaming her pregnancy for their troubles. Shikha’s BF Pranav was unable to convince his parents and she is distraught since it has been 9 months since he is speaking the same language and helplessness. She gets much agitated and doesn’t want his help. The story comes back to present and Aaliya informs that it is Pranav’s mistake and calls him a scared fellow. Shikha thanks Aaliya and cries, and asks her to leave. Soon, she gets up and leaves the room. Malvika checks Jai and she informs him there can be internal wounds and thus he cannot be discharged.

Soon, some goons come and tries to threaten Mariyam but soon she calls security and they are taken away. They were asking about Pranav – Shikha’s BF there. Ishaan on his way at the hospital’s corrdior finds Shikha. Aaliya comes there and wonders how she is there. Ishaan pacifies and wants her to listen once and asks about her problem. She speaks of giving birth and no one was with her and thinks that the child have destroyed her life. Ishaan speaks that she is dumping her baby like a used tissue paper and why she is putting all her angst on the baby. Ishaan suggests that she will be fine and sooner then she finds Pranav there and gets unconscious. Shikha gets treatment and comes back to consciousness and asks Pranav on how he is there. He speaks of coming there after getting injured due to some fight and suggests of living in the guilt after leaving her. He apologizes her for his deeds. Aaliya speaks on saying a flimy line and reminds Shikha that Pranav was in the same hospital and thus she wasn’t alone when she gave the birth. She further adds that their love story was destined to come in this way. Pranav speaks to Shikha of loving her a lot and they smile. Aaliya brings the baby and Pranav and Shikha are much glad. She gets Shika’s parents phone info and call them to inform about Shikha gave birth to a baby boy. She congratulates Shika’s mom on becoming a Nani (maternal grandmom) who feels happy.

Rahul at his end speaks to his girlfriend but Aaliya gets angry to see him very candid there. Soon, Rahul’s friend (girl) comes there and she asks him to collect her blood as it is AB- and he leaves with her. Two boys come there and they are Jai’s friends and also Jai’s lady relative comes there to give blood. Meanwhile, Malvika is speaking with Dr. Sinha and is worried about not getting blood from blood banks. Soon, Aaliya comes there and speaks of getting two donors and Dr. Sinha is glad and tells them to start the operation.. Mavika congratulates Aaliya on doing a good job. Ishaan comes there and Malvika suggests the credit should go to Aaliya. But Aaliya informs that it is a team effort, and Malvika then congratulates both of them and calls them a great team but with some rudeness. Jai’s operation gets underway while Kavita gets freshen up. Malvika completes the surgery and informs Kavita that Jai is out of danger now. Kavita thanks them and speaks of learning on how much she loves him and thinks that by saving Jai they have given second chance to her relationship.  On hearing Kavita’s words, Malvika and Ishaan share an eyelock. The police comes there and asks Kavita to come with them. Kavita’s brother is also there and admits his crime and laments on why he haven’t control himself and leaves with the police. On another front, Shikha’s parents come and is happy to see the baby boy and also blesses her BF Pranav.

Shikha comes to meet Jai as he is recovering after operation. She speaks of loving him and doesn’t have any fear of anyone. In a teary voice, she speaks that everything will be fine and apologizes to him. The flashback scene of Ishaan and Malvika is shown and they were having some romantic moments. She asks him why he gave her the Eiffel tower and as they fight a bit it breaks apart in two pieces. He thinks that is fine since she can keep while he keeps the other one. Malvika recollects those flashback moments and ponders at her office. Aaliya comes there and speaks of coming there to give the patient Jai’s updates and informs he is stable. Soon, she finds Malvika holding the broken Eiffel Tower piece, and realizes the other piece with Ishaan and their once love.  Later, Aaliya at her home writes in her blog and speaks about the lesson of day – By default we all love drama. If Kavita would have told her real feelings to her elder brother then Jai’s life wouldn’t have complications.

Aaliya suggests that simple things are put in denial so as to complicate them. But atleast now Kavita has clarity in her life and she is glad. But how about Malvika who doesn’t want to believe that she still loves Ishaan. Aaliya thinks that we all need to listen to our heart but also admits that humans are complicated. She ponders more and looks at Ishaan’s shoes which she wore earlier in the day…

Episode Video:
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