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Dream Girl:
Laxmi is getting ready to meet Ayesha Sareen and mark her entry in Navrang studio to kickstart her dream of becoming a heroine and superstar. She begins her bonding with Samar who took the identity of Raj Samosawala and is oblivious that he is Samar Sareen. She tells him upfront on her dream to become a Superstar and he gives her some ideas on how to proceed – portfolio, cost. He finds her optimistic and full of life and her trust on him pave the way for some eyelocks and some hints of crush. Next, Laxmi gets a chance to visit Ayesha Sareen’s office and she dons the attire and look of a personal assistant [PA] to impress her. Ayesha in one of her movies portrayed the role of PA and thus Laxmi who follows her blindly wants to do the same. Laxmi would not be getting favorable response from Ayesha. What would be Laxmi doing next to impress her role model Ayesha ?

Nitin comes to meet Falguni but she is yet distraught since she knows on how he has left his daughter just after birth and went away. Thus, Falguni still not willing to forgive him though he asks for forgiveness. Meanwhile, Ishani is locked up in jail after taking Chirag’s murder charge on her shoulders to protect RV while not knowing the actual truth.  Nitin goes to jail after finding about Ishani in police custody since he cannot see his daughter in such condition. However, Ishani though have taken his advice on love before but now doesn’t speak nicely with him and even says some words which insults him. She knows that he thinks her as his daughter but she doesn’t want any empathy or support from him. With Nitin’s entry, whether there is a way in Ishani’s release.

Suhani comes to India from US and Ragini is her step-mom. Neil has dropped her to his home but soon Suhani is kidnapped and held captive in a godown. Ragini and Aman comes were on their way after getting some leads about danger to Suhani. They stop for a while at a roadside Dhaba and soon Ragini finds Suhani in a car. She figures that Suhani is kidnapped and they manage to reach the godown.

Doli Armaanon Ki:
The Holi event is underway but Ishaan is bit upset with Urmi since she put accusation that he only likes her body and there is no genuine love. This makes him hurt and so he tries to avoid her and spends some with his sister-in law Soumya (Urmi’s sister).  Urmi has realized about loving Ishaan and their small differences  are bound to get resolved with their true love getting triumphant. However, with Samrat’s entry around the Holi function will put forward some testing times for Ishaan and Urmi and it would be interesting to see on how they counter Samrat.

Ishaan and Urmi

Service Wali Bahu:
Payal and Dev are nervous and even after their marriage got fixed but gradually they try to give space to romance. Dev wants to take Payal on a long drive on his bike so he comes up with a plan. He first sends away Payal’s driver so that when she finds him near her office she could accept the lift from him. It happens the same according to his plan which worked. Payal finds Dev close to her office on his bike and she accepts the lift from him to go to her home and gets impressed.

Shastri Sisters:
Rajat is falling into Minty’s trap and is doubts are getting many fold, the seed was first grown with Astha’s sister Priya made a part of the ploy by Minty and Astha. Veer met Priya based on Anu’s insistence but Rajat thinks Anu is meeting him. This was not enough as Minty fills Rajat’s ears more and was framing Anu’s supposed relationship with Veer. He isn’t aware that Veer was actually helping Anu for his surprise birthday preparations. Anu is following Sareen’s suggestions that she should give Rajat an eventful surpise but after showing first some signs of not knowing much about his birthday and less interest. Later, on his birthday, he comes home and gets much jealous to see Veer and Anu close, and Anu’s surprise birthday party and decorations didn’t made him happy and instead his possessiveness and insecurity overpowered him. Will Anu come forward to remove the doubts from his mind ?

Suhani Si Ek Ladki:
Suhani is upset, distraught and teary eyed with Yuvraaj after Dadi’s truth revelation in how she played some evil plotting to trouble her. She wants some answers and opens her heart out.

Satrangi Sasural: 
Aarushi couldn’t control herself after learning from Vihaan’s health condition that he is ill with Swine Flu. She goes ahead to meet him at his home where he is recovering. But his mom’s tries to stop her entry. She holds ground and in defiant move does the Grah Pravesh by herself with a glass of water given to her. She defied all the traditions in doing so. Vihaan is unaware of her entry since he is recovering from the disease at his bed. Earlier, Aarushi was compelled to leave Vihaan’ s home even before the Grah pravesh ritual. At that time, she went out by making the kalash fall on her return path. Thus, Aarushi is challenging old traditions. Will she manage to remove the anger and hate for her from Vihaan’s moms ?

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Ishita decides to leave with Ruhi to Mumbai from Delhi Airport and this option seemed plausible for her to keep Ruhi away from Shagun. Meanwhile, the police also arrives at the airport and begin searching for Ishita and Ruhi and she tries to evade from their eyes. She also encounters Romi’s ex-GF Sarika there and got worried. But she feels assured after knowing that Sarika will not disclose her presence to the police there. But evading from police didn’t last long since Shagun takes away Ruhi with police’s help. Ishita cries for Ruhi and is bent in tears. Ruhi cries and Shagun pulls her away from Ishi Maa. The Bhalla Family breaks down after Ruhi is snatched from them.

Chakor goes to attend the first day of her school with her dress stained with the ink which has been thrown earlier by one of the boys from her school. She was hesitant and worried before going into class but nevertheless decides to attend it. The teacher finds Chakor in the ink-stained dress and instructs her to come next day with clean clothes and moreover gives her more homework. If she didn’t do those things then she will be punished and needs to stand outside the class for whole day. The school principal helped Chakor for sitting in class though he also thought of Bhaiya ji’s pressure on him. There is more challenge for Chakor as Suraj makes plan that he will not let her complete homework. He tries to scare Chakor and demeans her on being a Bandua (bonded child). Chakor feels afraid but whether she is going to tackle him and excel in teacher’s homework challenge and education.

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Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan:
Nandini has planned a special surprise for Manik which is very eventful. Will Manik and Nandini’s love will find a way this time, only love ?

TGI Friday TellyReviews



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