Poornima’s plan backfires by her wardrobe malfunction in Iss Pyaar…


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Poornima plans to defame Astha in the party and passes on a designer dress to her via Ahilya, by acting sweet to Indrajeet and showing her acceptance towards Sapna and his relation. She then takes Rashmi’s help to mess up the dress, to make it shameful for Sapna by wardrobe malfunctioning. Poornima’s plan backfires and she lands up in the wrong dress. She sees Sapna choosing a dress and thinks to ruin it by opening her threads, and does not see Ahilya suggesting the other dress to Sapna. Anjali gets worried for Shlok and Astha, as she drops the aarti plate and its bad sign for them. She prays for them and Niranjan pacifies her.

The party starts at Ahilya Nivaas and Astha comes in her black short dress, looking stunning and getting in Indrajeet’s eyes again. Ahilya makes Indrajeet and Sapna dance. Shlok/Ballu dances with her seeing her dress tearing back and holds her safe. Indrajeet gets raged on him and raises his hand to slap Ballu. Shlok holds his hand to stop him, and leaves angrily. This favor of Ballu makes Poornima realize her mistake and also see his helpful nature, when she has always insulted him. Shlok decides to leave the job and Indrajeet apologizes to him, making him stay back. Poornima starts falling for Ballu and more problems for Shlok and Astha ahead. What will Shlok and Astha do next to get the POA/Power of Attorney and their rights? Keep reading.



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